So, Friday night at midnight kicked of the 2011 Short Screenplay Challenge. Halloween weekend… great, fantastic, thank you so very much. I spent Saturday roaming around on 3 hours of sleep watching Puss in Boots with my 7 year old sister, taking her to the park Halloween-fest, making my Halloween costume,  going to a party – and getting completely smashed, sleeping too late today, and with the 3 hours I had from the time I woke up until the time I had to go to work I lazed around watching the R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour marathon I recorded yesterday (because I’m roughly 12 years old…) instead of thinking about what to write for this challenge.

Our assignment was – Genre: Drama, Location: A pizza shop, Object: A copy machine. Bah humbug … drama?! No thank you. I don’t really feel confident with what I wrote this time around, and I didn’t particularly have fun with it either. These challenges are hard (well its not a challenge if its not hard) but at least I usually have fun with them. This time I was just grumpy. I am not sure how we will place, but even if we bomb this round we still get to go through round 2 and maybe redeem ourselves (that is, my husband and I… no I’m not two people referring to myself as ourselves….or am I!? mwuahaha).

Anyway, onto something a little less grumpy — Halloween! This year I dressed up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and my husband dressed up as some sort of mishmash guido from Jersey Shore. He painted his face bright orange, that doesn’t come across well in pictures but it was really funny. He also drew “abs” onto his stomach and would go around lifting his shirt to show everyone his situation.

I wish the picture I had for myself was a little better, for some reason I didn’t get many good pictures this year – oh well. I made the necklace out of “Model Magic”, I also made some seashell earrings but they broke and I didn’t have time to fool with making  new ones or fixing the broken ones. For the dress I took an old black dress that I had and 6 black stockings. On one side of the stockings I painted them a light purple with acrylic paint, and then when that dried I painted on suction cups with a darker purple. I sewed the stockings to the dress and blamo done. It took a lot longer to actually do than I thought it would though, thus the almost 0 sleep I had.

Also, there is a reason for this title — we ate brains! We went all over town looking for brains – pig, cow, anything we could find. My favorite was in Wal-Mart. My BFF  (see, I told you I was roughly 12) went up to the guy stocking the shelves, “Do you have any brains?” Yeah, might want to re-state that question next time. At any rate, Kroger was our savior, they had pig brains. Which were of course then fried up and fed to everyone at the party. At some point my husband talked our friend into eating a fried brain and peanut butter sandwich. The worst part was he seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

Halloween is truly the best time of the year!  Everyone dresses up in something, you have an excuse to get smashed, and my husband can find a real reason to force feed people brains. Actually the sad part was everyone seemed a little to willing to try the brains… myself included.


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