NaNoWriMo – And it Begins!

Well, its after midnight which means it is officially National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. Here we go, a bunch of crazy people trying to write 50,000 words before midnight strikes signaling the arrival of December. To all ye who question if it can be done I say yay, verily…Ok I don’t know where I was going with that last line, but I suddenly wish I had a huge turkey leg to gnaw on.

What am I even talking about? It’s untelling. Weird, turns out “untelling” isn’t even a word. Who knew? Probably loads of people, apparently I use words all the time that aren’t actually words, such as “side-goggled”…and other words… I can’t think of.

You know, why am I even writing this at all… I could be working on my 50,000 words since its NOVEMBER! Oh, by the way, how the bloody hell is it November already? I love November, it starts out red and orange from the fall, and ends up dim and gray with winter, and I absolutely love it!

I think I am going to go work on that novel now. No title yet, and I’m not really comfortable giving out a lot of detail online in case anyone else steals it (paranoia, party of 1 right here), but it is a dystopian young adult novel, and I really hope I have it in myself to pull this off!

Good luck to all who are attempting the challenge! If anyone out there wants to add me I’m Loupy2055.


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