1st Person, 3rd Person, Journal

NaNoWriMo is destroying my brain, I’m sure of it!

It started off as a good first day, and went downhill from there. Right now I sit at roughly 6026 words, which is way below target. I have hope to catch up though, I’m definitely not out of this race yet!

My story hasn’t been coming out the way I had hoped though. Honestly, I’m not one that ever really works with planned out ideas ahead of time, like the amazing (bow down now) J.K. Rowling, who had written out back-stories of back-stories before penning Harry Potter to paper. I usually just sit down thinking “I feel like writing a fantasy today” and something comes out of thin air and I go with it.

This time I’ve had the idea in my head for a few months. I even have 2 or 3 pages in a notebook written out detailing the government and protagonists of my tale. Then I sat down to write it and it’s not coming out the way I had wanted it to at all! Maybe that’s why I shouldn’t write from planned ideas, my expectations are too high.

If you were to read my story right now as it is written, I’m sure it would give you brain damage. It starts out in 1st person narrative, then about 2000 words in I decided 3rd person would work better. That was coming out WORSE! I was feeling really discouraged, honestly. I didn’t want to put so much work into an idea that I truly love only for it to fall flat. I want so much to be able to write novels, but I feel I’m so trained in writing screenplays, that maybe I’m not cut out for novel writing. Then last night I was standing in the book store flipping through books, when an idea hit me. Maybe I could write my story out as a journal. (No, I was not looking at a journal type novel when this idea hit me) I ran over to my husband and ran it by him, and he seemed to think it was a good idea.

I know the journal- novel doesn’t have a lot of success behind it, but there have been a couple that worked out really well. I think my story could possibly benefit from this style of writing, because it’s really about a girl learning to live in a new type of world – what better way to see how that goes than read it from her own thoughts.

I don’t know, if nothing else this will get the tale out of my head and maybe provide a blue-print for a possible actual novel in the future. I think once this is all over with I am going to go pick up  a few diary or journal books and read through them, just to get a better idea for when I go through and edit this all out. But right now I’m feeling a little better about my story, and how it’s coming together. A lot better than I felt before, so with that, I’m bridging my word count gap and will hopefully finish this month a success.


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