My Brain is Officially Fried

NaNoWriMo has destroyed my brain. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea! Oh yeah, I’m INSANE!

So, last I posted I had taken my story from first person, to third person, to journal style writing. Now the journal style is feeling stiff and I think I need to shift it back to first person or something. The long and short of it is, I officially have a mess on my hands that I can’t even begin to try to decipher until December. I’m just going to keep going in first person I suppose, third person felt too weird for the few thousand that I wrote in that perspective. I just wish I was better at going from dialogue to description and action back to dialogue, I’m going to try to not worry about it right now, and fix all that awkwardness in the edit phase.

I’m also about 10,000 words behind, but I guess it doesn’t help that I’m the procrastination queen. If I can put it off, I will. I’m also not great at getting my hands into something that is a mess, and this novel sure does feel like a mess right now.

What is killing me is I had the idea for this novel a few months ago and have been thinking on it, and writing out outlines and everything, actually preparing (which I NEVER do), and I really enjoy the actual scenario that I came up with here, I’m just feeling like the execution is not working out. I’m wondering if maybe that is my problem… I thought too much about the story before I actually sat down to write it.

Right now my average words per day to finish on time is around 2,000, which isn’t too bad, as long as I actually sit down to do it. I guess I could get to work on that, rather than wasting time writing this.


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