Side Goggled Sticker Bush

Ok, so I didn’t really want to dedicate ANOTHER post to NaNoWriMo today — but honestly this is pretty much all that is on my mind. Well, that and the fact that I just realized next week is Thanksgiving, and I’m really enjoying this Foo Fighter’s CD right now, and I really want to live at Hogwarts and eat in the dining hall and sing in Flitwick’s choir (movies only, that didn’t happen in the book…) and I really wish I was friends with Neville Longbottom because he’s so cool!

Wow I sound like a crazy person.

Honestly the only thing I wanted to share with the world is that after switching BACK to 1st person narritive, I managed to write over 3,000 words today for my NaNo novel. So maybe things are looking up for ole’ crazy here.

In other news, my husband doesn’t understand a word I say! I’m always saying things which he doesn’t understand. He was born in Boston, I was born in the back holler* of Kentucky. Well, being born and raised in Kentucky apparently comes with some fun phrases that are lost on my Bostonian husband.  Here are two that I have recently had to explain to him:

1. Sticker-bush

Used in a sentence: “There is a sticker from the sticker-bush stuck to my pants.”

What I actually mean: “There is a briar from the briar-bush  stuck to my pants.”

2. Side goggled

Used in a sentence: “My glasses are all side goggled.”

What I actually mean: “My glasses are askew.”

This brings me to another point… he’s always making fun of the way I say certain words. The word theater to me comes out “Thee-ay-terr” (gotta have the extra “r” sound!). The word coupon for me is “queue-pawn”, and of course to him it is “coo-pawn”. So he’s always poking fun at me for these things!

Ok that’s a lot of rambling for one day. I need to sleep, the sun will be up soon…




*I never use the word “holler” in my day to day life. I have, however, been known to whip out a “woller” or two.


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