The Horror! The Horror!

I’m sitting here in a post-turkey haze casually perusing Black Friday ads on the internet. I’m not expecting to find anything much, but my husband mentioned a thing or two here and there. I think to myself “No biggie to just check em out ole chap!” (Why I’m calling myself ole chap is beyond me.) And suddenly, I saw that things were 30-50% off and I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM!

I don’t know what happened to me. One second I was normal me (normal is a strong word probably…) And the next I was some crazed rabid insane person freaking out over things that are on sale. I mean, it got bad. I’d have 4 sites up comparing prices, and then find something else I’d want on one of the sites and compare prices and find more things and compare prices and before I knew it I was processing simultaneous checkouts from about 3 different websites.

One site, which will remain unnamed because I don’t want my husband to know what I bought crashed about 1224080273 times. I still haven’t managed to make my purchase. After about an hour headache I gave up, then came back to it and made it to the check out only for the site to crash! I’m losing my mind over here! I…MUST…HAVE…THIS…DEAL!

Ok this is getting sad, no joke. I like saving a buck just as much as the next person but why does it have to be insane like this? My stomach is literally in knots, I have stressed myself out over this insanity! Last week I was at the store and this man was looking for a particular doll, and he found one but it was blue and his daughter just had to have pink. The look in his eyes was just sad, he knew his life was over if he went home with a blue doll instead of a pink one. Finally a clerk helped him find a pink doll and just the relief that washed over that poor man was palpable! Poor guy.

I’ve never been one for Black Friday, and I’m not sure why this year turned me into a rabid dog. I blame Voldemort. This is his doing, right?


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