A New Use for A-1

It’s happened to us all. At first you deny it, tell yourself it was just gas or something. Then it happens again, and again, and you can’t deny it anymore. You have the hiccups!

After a particularly annoying bout of hiccups I became desperate. My husband ran through his normal list of cures – “What’s your middle name?” and “Spell my middle name backward.” I ran through the standards like holding my breath, swallowing really fast over and over, and I even tried drinking eggnog. Nothing was working, and I was quickly slipping from the realm of sanity into what can only be described as mental hospital that surely resides in Hell.

Desperation taking over, I decided to do a Google search for “how to get rid of hiccups”. Howtogetridofstuff.com was the top search result, and being satisfied with that I clicked it and read down the list. It has some standard suggestions, most of which I had already tried. And then I came to a doozy:

Think of the ugliest person you’ve ever seen. Now picture them naked, rolling naked down a hill or riding a bike and slathered in A-1 steak sauce.

Say what!?

Well, I had to try it, right? And after all that, the holding my breath, the spelling names backward… thinking of a naked man rolling down a hill covered in steak sauce actually cured my hiccups! Well, they say you learn something new everyday…


2 thoughts on “A New Use for A-1

  1. Hahaha, this is hilarious! ;D Trouble is, I’ve still got stuck in my mind, the image of Anakin and Padme (from Star Wars Attack of the Clones) rolling around the fields.

    I dare say I am still scarred, so not sure if that would help with the hiccups. I usually drink small gulps of water very fast until I burrp and it goes away!

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