Fun with Wordle

I got bored the other night and decided to do some Wordle’s, as introduced to me by the Limebirds. You know, being a procrastonater, instead of actually working on something productive I pasted various things into the wordle site to make these fun little word blobs.

Here is one of a recent short script my husband and I collaborated on… can you guess by the words what it’s about? This was written for the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge where each group of writers is assigned a genre, location and object and the script has to include all of those elements to be accepted. Our assignment was Genre: Fantasy, Location: Sweatshop, Object: Ants. I had no idea how to incorporate ants into our story, but leave it to my imaginative husband to pull that one out with no problem at all!

Wordle: Death and Santa

Here’s one for my very much work-in-progress-without-a-title novel… no guessing on what the name of the main character is!

Wordle: King David

One for the blog!

Wordle: cheesecake

And finally, one for the blog I keep here to keep track of my husband’s insane quotes. I should have known this would be the most interesting one of the lot!

Wordle: dead hookers


4 thoughts on “Fun with Wordle

    • Sure! It had to be a fantasy set in a sweat shop – so I came up with the idea that the sweatshop was santa’s operation up north. Then my husband mostly wrote the whole thing – or as he says he spun gold and I polished it. Anywho…Santa and Death are old pals – but Santa has cheated Death the opportunity to collect him by being immortal, and he’s not so pleased by it.
      That’s pretty much the story.

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