Those Poor Dogs

What not to do if you want me to help you – screech into my ear…for 10 minutes straight…without stopping.

I work the “glamourous” job of customer service. Now, normally I don’t talk to the every day man calling with the standard, “Hi, how ya doing my internet doesn’t work, fix it.” type of issues. I get the pleasure of those  calls that are more along the lines of, “Let me speak to your supervisor now!

About half the time I can kill people with kindness – there is something about my country  accent that really talks people down off the edge. The other half are people who aren’t even wiling to listen to reason. Those are the people who make me sad for the human race and where it is going. My fellow man – why are you so angry?

I was talking to a woman today who was screeching at me non-stop. Had she stopped screeching about 30 seconds into her tirade she would have realized that I had resolved her issues. She would even pause to what I thought was long enough for me to start speaking, and the instant I uttered one sound from my mouth she would start in at screeching again. And when I say screeching,  I mean dogs from a 5 mile radius of this woman had to be in agony.

I don’t know what this lady thought her screeching in my ear was accomplishing. It didn’t cause me to magically have a new ability I didn’t have before she started screeching. All it accomplished was a headache and a need for about a pound of chocolate, and probably a hearing aid.

I don’t want this to come off sounding like I’m knocking my job, honestly I’m not. My boss is the nicest woman on this planet, and truthfully in this economy I’m lucky just to have a job. But it has taught me that people are insane. More so than myself, and that, dear reader, is terrifying!


2 thoughts on “Those Poor Dogs

  1. Wow. What a story. That woman is nuts! Some people just seem to get some sort of nasty, sadistic pleasure from taking out their anger and frustrations on other people. Then again, some people are just nasty and/or crazy. I feel sorry for you that you had to endure that!

    By the way, you might enjoy this man’s blog (he calls himself The Hook), who works as a bellman in a hotel in Canada and has to endure people and experiences like this on a daily basis. He calls them douchebags…lol 🙂 Here is a link to his blog:

    And congrats on the Versatile Blogger award from the Limebirds! That’s how I found your blog, by the way.

    • Yeah working for the public is definitely an eye-opener at just how crazy some people can be. They think that if they yell more, or threaten lawsuits or whatnot that mysteriously out of nowhere you’ll have the ability to do whatever crazy thing it is they demand.

      I’ll have to check that blog out!

      And thank you so much (and thanks to the Limebirds…I love them!)

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