Sticker Bush

The term “sticker-bush” has been one of great debate in my home – mainly because I know what I’m talking about…and my husband thinks I’m completely insane. You know what, I’ll let him talk about it. Take it away husband of mine!

Yeah…thanks…I think. I don’t know what else to say about this except maybe that stuff like this is why I keep finding an increasing number of grey hairs. She starts going on about cowboys petting God with their heels and getting stuck on His jeans…and then has the nerve to question why I don’t understand. Like any of this makes sense. Like I’m somehow out of touch with reality for not understanding that the almighty naturally has cowboys stuck all over his stylish dungarees. All this originated by me questioning her weird Ozark dialect too…lesson learned. I think the video speaks for itself though.

Yeah, well I know what I’m talking about, and that is all that matters to me!


3 thoughts on “Sticker Bush

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