I’m High on Life

Days like today make me wonder why I decided to write a post a day for December. When I do my post I usually write it after work around 3 or 4 a.m. I wasn’t able to do that last night because I was out of town at my family’s Christmas party. Oh well, the day isn’t up yet!

I managed to find an excuse to yell “I’m high on life!” twice yesterday as I was visiting family. I have such a goofy bunch of relatives that it’s hard to pin-point just exactly which one the “crazy”  one is. I think we’re all in the running. At any rate, I think sometimes I get so silly goofy that people probably think I’m on drugs. I’ve never done drugs though, not even pot. I just get really paranoid at the idea.

I have a weird sleep schedule. I don’t get off work until 3 a.m., so the earliest I could be in bed would be around that time. But everyone knows you can’t just go straight to bed after work. Normally I need a bit of a snack, then I start catching up on TV or catching up on things online or any number of things people do post-work. A few months ago I realized I was going to bed regularly around 8 a.m. Not that I really like it, but that’s just how it was. Also, I don’t drive. Yeah yeah I’m pushing 30 and don’t have a license, get off my back.

Anyway, my mom lives about an hour away but always travels through my way on Saturday’s, at 9 a.m. So I hitched a ride with mom back home to the Christmas party.  By 8 a.m. I hadn’t slept, but for some reason felt getting a 20 minute nap would help, so I did. It didn’t really help. At any rate that was the only sleep I had. By the time the Christmas party started at 5 I was feeling loopy, by the time it ended at 10 I had already fallen asleep sitting up twice and God-knows what insanity spewed from my mouth. I remember cackling at my nephew Gabe’s toy that sings “Yankee Doodle” when you press its stomach.

That pretty much had me entertained for a good while. Who comes up with these things? And why haven’t I come up with these things?

This whole thing was a really long and roundabout way of saying – I haven’t had much sleep so I’m a little loopy.


5 thoughts on “I’m High on Life

    • I don’t know, I think it’s a combination of things. I have temporal lobe epilepsy, but it’s been almost 2 years now since I’ve had an episode. Anyway, at 16 mom never took me to get my permit or anything. I never really pushed for it though. I finally got it when I was 19 or 20 and I’ve had it ever since. But every few years I battle the epilepsy thing. Anyway, a couple of years ago my husband and I actually bought a car thinking that would light the fire under us to get our license (the only two people our age that can’t drive managed to find each other…go figure!) Well, I didn’t really have much help in the way of a teacher, but every week or so mom would come up and help me.
      The car I own wouldn’t pass the car inspection at the DMV so mom and I scheduled to take the test in her car so she came up and we went to the test location, come to find out mom doesn’t have her insurance on her. So I can’t take the test then. That was about a week before my husband and I set out for our 11 day bus ride honeymoon to Vegas. That was the last time anyone – myself included – pushed for actually going to take the test. The car now hasn’t ran since last December. I can’t get the battery out because it’s dead and jumping it isn’t helping, and there is no one here that can help me get it out…
      basically a big bunch of I put things off … all the time.

      • Ahh I see. A bunch of things always get in the way. I would say you’ve gotten by this long, what’s the point anymore? But I can also see the importance of having it.

        That’s what my family keeps telling me at least :/

        I’m so scared of driving.

      • I’m scared of driving too. I can do it, but I still don’t have parallel parking down *sigh*
        I’d really like to be able to drive anywhere whenever I want to , it is pretty annoying not being able to. We have a cab company here, its $7-8 a trip depending on where you are going so that’s how we get by. Its just annoying becuase you have to plan a day around taking a cab ride out (like, I need to go to the store, we might as well go to the movies to see what we want while we are out there but you have to be ready to come home by around 10 otherwise the drunks will be out getting cabs and there is no hope of getting one on time) meh, it is what it is and its my fault so I try not to whine about it LOL.

  1. It’s not really your fault though. 🙂

    Everyone has a little quirk. Don’t feel bad about it. I live in a state and especially the town now without any public transit. I don’t really have any choice. :/

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