Pass the Coffee, Watson

My husband makes fun of me and my amazing ability to fall asleep during movies. It doesn’t matter if I like the movie or not. In fact one of the best movies I’ve seen lately was the Muppet movie, and sure enough I dozed off during it!

A few years ago when the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out, we went to see it in the theater. I was awake through the whole thing until the very end, when all is revealed and all is resolved. I missed the whole thing! Of course that went into my husband’s bank-of-things-to-tease-me-about.

Well, we set out this afternoon to catch the matinée of the newest Sherlock Holmes flick. For some crazy reason I was up at 8:30 this morning, and if you’ve been following my insane sleep these past few days you’ll know that is early – since I have normally been going to bed at around 8 a.m. Craziness.

At any rate, feeling full of myself and wide awake – I sat through that entire movie. Until the very end.

I wasn’t even sleepy! I didn’t know it happened either. One minute the “final showdown” began, the next minute I was waking up to the credits.

Some friends have coined the term “narco-sleepy” for me. It’s definitely fitting. At least I have my husband with me to fill me in on everything I sleep through.

As far as the movie goes, I have to say I did enjoy the first one best. There were some really funny scenes, and by no means was I upset that I paid money to see it. But the beginning was a little hard to follow. I felt that the character’s knew what they were trying to do but they failed to clue me in on it. At 2 hours and 9 minutes, it felt very long. I think maybe they could have cut and condensed the beginning in order to get to the good stuff that came near the end a little faster. Overall though, if you were a fan of the first movie then I’d say you’re safe to see the latest one.

Hopefully you’re not like me and will be able to stay conscious through the whole thing!


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