Last night I woke up with a tummy ache. I took some medicine that helped my tummy, but made me really sleepy. Then, I went to my grandparent’s house, but was told that I had to leave soon because my retired grandparent’s in their late 70’s had gotten new jobs and needed to go to work soon. So I went back to the spare room to gather all my belongings.

Having taken the medicine that I did, I fell asleep before I got my stuff ready. Suddenly, my mom appeared, and told me she’d help dress me and get me ready. I told her not to worry, I’d just slip on a new shirt and would be OK to go. However, I started dozing off again.

I was startled awake, though, when I heard my memaw coming down the hall. My mom whispered that memaw had a gun and would use it if I didn’t make my way out of the house soon. I got out of the bed and grabbed my overnight bag, making my way through the room.

My memaw came into the room, smiling, and told me she was sorry that I had to go. She had gotten a new job and really didn’t want to be late on her first day. I saw it then, the gun poking out of the back of memaw’s pants. Mom saw that I saw, and she grabbed it and pointed it at me.

Making jokes, hoping that she’d put it down, I taunted mom. “You aren’t going to use that!” ha-ha I teased. My memaw joined in the taunting with me. I realize now that was a bad idea.

Slowly, mom pointed the gun at me. I began jumping around the room, begging her to please put the gun down, I would do anything if she would just put the gun down. But, no sound was coming out of my mouth. Fear had choked my words off.

It was very  loud when the gun went off. I tried to duck, but the bullet grazed the top right of my skull. At first I thought I had gotten off lucky, only being grazed by the bullet. I began to laugh it off, but my mom looked pale, and worried.

I don’t know what happened next, all I remember is waking up again in a hospital. It turns out that the bullet had gone through the window behind me, causing a shard of glass to impale my skull into my brain. They had to put me into a coma in order to pull the shard of glass out.

My tummy feels better now, but the medicine I took to calm it down sure did cause a weird dream.


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