Step 1. Look up; Step 2. Read

My husband and I made the mistake of going out for lunch and shopping the day after Christmas. Lesson learned – remember to be a hermit on December 26th in the future. I can tell we are getting old. More and more we complain about the kids that parent’s should probably be leashing up to leave the house. You know, the teenagers. I don’t recall being this brain-dead as a teenager.

We went to the book/CD/DVD/Video Game store, and at the check out they have a soda pop machine. I love getting a Coke Zero there because this machine has a button you can press to get vanilla (or cherry or lime) mixed in the Coke. I marched up to the machine and pressed the button for vanilla, and then hit the big ole Coke Zero button, only to discover that they were out of Coke Zero. I let the nearest cashier know and then stood aside waiting on them to re-fill the machine.

Much to my horror, a group of three teenagers decided they were also thirsty. They couldn’t figure out how to use the machine. It’s your standard pop machine, you know the kind they have in every McDonald’s, except it has three buttons with the vanilla, lime, or cherry flavor if you decide that you want it.

The best thing about this machine is the big ginormous sign on the front of it that says, “Step 1. Pour Ice – Step 2. Press Desired Flavor Shot – Step 3. Press Button For Desired Soda”. They failed to read this so they could not figure out how to get both the flavor shots and pop in their cups at the same time. One girl had her friend hold her cup for her while she held both the flavor shot button and coke button at the same time. That resulted in roughly…nothing. The guy of the trio kept beating down on the vanilla button exclaiming, “This doesn’t work, nothing is coming out!”

I wanted to yell, “Of course nothing is coming out! Read the freaking sign!”

Well I gave up on the cashier finding a free moment in the post Christmas rush to refill the Coke Zero. So once the intelligent trio shambled off with their less-than-satisfying drinks I decided to go for my alternative – half coke, half diet coke with vanilla mixed in. I – having read the sign – filled my cup with ice, then pressed the button for vanilla, followed by the button for Coke. Miraculously it worked.

As they say, reading is FUNdamental!


4 thoughts on “Step 1. Look up; Step 2. Read

  1. It always amazes me how much we dumb things down and yet people still can’t be bothered to read the sign. You’re writing really captured the moment. I was there with you alternating between annoyed and almost laughing at what you were witnessing. 🙂

    • It is crazy! I’ve used that pop machine a hundred times, but I remember the first time I used it , for a split second I wondered how to get the flavor in the pop, then I read the sign and voila! I had my vanilla coke.

    • It’s true, not all teenagers are brain dead 🙂 I remember a brief period when I was around 15 of making my hair funny like the guitar player in Korn and running around the shopping center yelling like an idiot. That lasted about a week then I got the idiot teenager-isms out of my system and went back to being a quiet good girl LOL!

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