The Chicken Band

My sister Becca, who will be 8 in February (I can’t believe it!) is always coming up with the craziest stories! She’s a Pisces like I am, and mom is always saying we are a lot alike. Maybe that’s why we are so close even though there is a 20 year age gap between us.

I was going through reading old things I had written down last year, and came upon this jewel, which I am pasting here today. This is over a year old. So without further ado, I present to you —


I have two sisters, Kelly who is almost 20, and Becca, who is 6. Actually, Becca was born about a week or so before my 20th birthday! Last year in Kindergarden, Becca won the award for “Most Imaginative”, and knowing her, I can definitely see why.

A couple of weeks ago our mom, Kelly, Becca, and I went to the swimming pool. They call break once an hour for 10 minutes at the pool, so kids don’t go using the potty in the pool. During one of these breaks, Becca started telling us all about her favorite band — THE CHICKEN BAND. This little tale of hers went all the way through that 10 minute break. When they blew the whistle to get back in the water, Kelly decided she wanted to lay in the sun and take a nap for the next hour. During that ENTIRE time, Becca was still telling me about The Chicken Band. When the next hour rolled around, they blew the whistle for break and we all went back to join Kelly. To her shock, Becca was still talking about The Chicken Band. Please trust me I am not exhagerating, that kid did not stop talking about The Chicken Band for one minute! Through this second break she was still talking about them, and even a half hour into the next hour of swimming! She talked completely non-stop about The Chicken Band for an hour and a half! I now know everything about The Chicken Band.

So, who is The Chicken Band you ask?

Well, they are four brothers. Their names are Chon – Lead Singer, Ton – Keyboards, Avebelel – Drums ( Pronounced “Uh-veh-bull-uhl”…don’t ask me, ask Becca!), and Gabe – Bass. Their last name is White, and they have triple blue eyes. Even though they are all brothers, Chon is the only one that is British. The rest are American. They have a blue and white car, just like the walls in their huge apartment. They also have glow in the dark pajama’s that are really soft!

The Chicken Band have such hits as “Lying to Moon” (Which is a sad song, but only just a little), “Pain in the Neck”, “Night to Sunshine”, and the all time saddest song ever, “God, Oh Love Me” – And yes, you had better believe that Becca sang each and every one of these songs to us on the spot, so we would know what they sound like! I think it was while she was singing us “Lying to Moon” That she was just belting it out there in the pool and had herself a little bit of an audience! She sang for about 4 or 5 minutes straight, and she was really getting in to it!

So far they have two CD’s. They also have a DVD. If you go to “Special Features” on their DVD, you can get a special live performance of “Night to Sunshine”. Its really neat,  you should check it out!

Chon is Becca’s favorite. But if you meet any member of The Chicken Band, you will pass out and your tongue will roll out of your mouth. – Becca demonstrated what happens when anyone meets them!

We are going to see them, in December!! We are all so excited. They are cancelled right now, but they will be back in December. And when we see them, we will pass out!

I know I’m forgetting things about The Chicken Band, she did go on about them for an hour and a half after all! One thing about Becca is, she’s free entertainment!


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