Duly Noted

I just had an “oh wow” moment. Often through the day my mind lives in the clouds. If I’m not reading or watching a favorite movie, or TV show, I’m thinking about them. Running scenes or moments that I loved over and over in my mind. I’m sure everyone does this.

I was sitting here just wasting time online, not really paying attention to anything. My mind was wondering. I was thinking of a scene in a book where an evil mage is torturing some lowly peasant. The scene was from the eyes of his son though, a child innocently watching as his father used really evil magic. It was really scary for him to see his father in this light.

But I couldn’t remember where this scene was from – what book had I read that in?

Then it hit me, it was my book. I wrote that.

I haven’t touched it, other than to read through it a couple of times, in over a year. I think maybe it was the universe kicking me in the pants to pick it back up. Duly noted universe. I hear you loud and clear.

David’s as-yet-untitled-adventures will be properly sorted, edited, and re-written. I think I officially have myself a New Years resolution.


6 thoughts on “Duly Noted

  1. Good luck with the re-writes. I’m doing the same with my book at the moment and like you have tried to remember where I’ve read something to think ‘that was me’. I hope it goes well.

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