I’ve been playing this game WeTopia on Facebook, because my friend Ellen DeGeneres told me to. It is like your standard Facebook game, but supposedly the rewards you reap can go to help funding for real world projects, such as U.S. Literacy projects or helping to feed homeless children. I’m all about helping the world out, and it’s good for passing a few minutes time here and there. Plus Ellen told me to do it, and well, who can say “no” to those eyes?

While playing the game, you choose which program you want to send “joy” to – which will provide actual funding for that group. Since I think the literacy rate in our country could be better than it is, I chose to go for helping out the U.S. Literacy Program. I wanted to read a little more about the project, when I came across this:

Now, I actually come from the Appalachian region of Kentucky. I was born smack dab in the middle of the mountains in a place called Harlan. In Harlan you have a mammy and a pappy and you waller in the holler and drink moonshine that the bootlegger brewed up. (Translation: You have a mom and dad and you wallow in the hollow.) When my parents divorced, I moved with mom about an hour away. Still in the mountains, and still full of “hollers”. My education was just fine, but I knew and interacted with kids in the surrounding areas and I could tell that the school I was attending was obviously better. I was in a program called Upward Bound (which trust me is a story for another day) where even the teacher couldn’t teach algebra correctly. My friends and I had to point it out to him – but none of the other kids had even taken algebra, and we were in between our sophomore and junior year of high school!

Anyway, I digress…big time. The point is, it’s kind of ironic that this is a group to support Appalachian literacy, and the sentence here doesn’t even make sense – “Children in low-income areas, such as the Appalachia region of Kentucky, often being school nearly two years behind their peers.” – Say what? What I think they are trying to get at is children in low-income areas are nearly two years behind their peers. And I have seen first hand the truth in that. But please, can’t we proofread sentences before publishing them to a game that is supposed to be helping LITERACY?! Even I proofread this blog about 4 times before I hit publish – and I know I make mistakes, I’m only human after all. But I’m just one girl who grew up in Appalachia, where apparently we can’t read or write.

Ok, rant over! I hope every one has a great New Year! Here’s to 2012! Hopefully Ellen will finally agree to be my friend.


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