Starstruck by Family?

Is it possible to be a star struck goober to a family member?

Recently my cousin Merrill, a.k.a the woman behind Tune-Yards, performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show. OH. MY. GOSH! I’m over here swooning like a pubescent giggly teen in love with Justin Bieber….OK maybe I’m not quite that bad, but I am quite amazed by her.

Not expecting to get a reply, I sent her a text an hour or so before Jimmy Kimmel Live aired. Being completely awesome she did reply to me, sending me in another tail-spin of swoons. OK, I acknowledge I’m being goofy, but I’m just so impressed by her and the fact that she’s being invited onto late night shows, and selling out concerts all over! Not to mention Time Magazine and Rolling Stone both recognized her as having one of the top albums of the year!

The thing about her is that while she is a genius and an amazing musician, she’s also completely humble. I’m just her crazy little Kentucky cousin who has seen roughly zilch of the world and she still replies to my texts and emails. She takes the time to talk to me and the rest of our crazy family when we go to her concerts.

She is on the cusp of greatness, and there isn’t anyone in the world who deserves it more than her.

Here she is on the Jimmy Kimmel show!


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