Beauty and the Beast – 3D

I’m a complete sucker for cartoons – especially anything Disney … even more especially if it’s Pixar. There is something inside of me that never let go of children’s stories. Even though I love horror, and depressing shows like Law and Order: SVU, I’m really just a big kid.

Having an almost-8-year-old sister is really handy for a person like me. I have an excuse to go to the movies to watch cartoons and drink Icee’s and eat too much popcorn. Not that I wouldn’t do those things on my own if she weren’t around…

At any rate, I’ve been dying to see these Disney 3D re-releases since they announced them a few months ago (yes, I am that person). So, Icee’s and large popcorn in hand, we grabbed a seat in the center and threw on our 3D glasses (Becca, my sister, got a kid’s pair of collector Beauty and the Beast 3D glasses, and I must admit I was jealous!)

After watching the movie, something struck me that I suppose I never really caught before. The opening sequence explains why the beast is the way he is – an enchantress came to him appearing like an old hag, he turned her away. She then revealed herself to be beautiful so he tried to beg for forgiveness, but it was too late. As punishment she turned him into the beast and enchanted the whole castle. He has until his 21st birthday to find true love, or he will be stuck as the beast forever. I guess as a kid  I never really paid attention to the time-frame this took place in, because later one of the servants mentioned that they had been enchanted for 10 years! Say what? That means the prince was 11 at the start of the story…

Even though that scene doesn’t look like the traditional animation of the rest of the movie, the prince looks like a young man to me, maybe a teenager. I certainly don’t think, “hey that’s an 11-year-old kid.” They do show his portrait and it looks like a young man. And for that matter, why was an enchantress trying to find out if an 11-year-old kid had true love in his heart? Did the prince not have family? Where was his mom and dad while this enchantress was trying to woo their kid? I mean, that’s just creepy!

Ahem, anyhow… the 3D version of the movie was really good, though I think the Lion King was better. OK, I feel like I’m being really negative about the movie, and I don’t mean to be. So I’m just going to shut up now by saying, I loved it – go watch it!


9 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast – 3D

  1. Yeah, that’s a pretty harsh punishment for an 11 year old kid – aren’t most kids taught not to open the door for strangers?

  2. I’ve always been concerned about the discrepancy of the timeline myself. First, to do with the beast–as you point out, where the heck was his family?! And what’s the deal with that portrait? Then there’s Mrs. Potts and Chip. Chip can’t be more than say three or four–how was he born? He can’t have remained the same age, or the Beast would have and the 21st birthday thing wouldn’t come into play. And then there’s Mrs. Potts, who has to be beyond her childbearing years, so how’d that happen…? (I obnoxiously over-think movies from my childhood because it amuses me. Nerd.)

    I also kind of enjoy (now that I’m older) poking some fun at the whole Stockholm syndrome thing… 🙂

    For the record, myself (25) and my cousin (23) went to see Beauty and the Beast 3D yesterday, no kids in tow. Almost all my friends and I tend to go see whatever new animated movies come out–we’re all still kids at heart, so why not? We feel no shame. Ha ha ha.

    • Gosh I didn’t even think of Mrs. Potts and Chip, though I did wonder how the heck an old lady managed to have a little kid (and….where are all the other kids, because she once stuck Chip in the cabinet with loads of other cups and called them his brothers and sisters….)
      I know I know, thinking too much about a cartoon…these are those things you’re just “not supposed to think about”, but sometimes I can’t help it!

  3. I’m not sure if this is really the origional story, but I found this.

    Doesn’t say anything about age.

    I was thinking that maybe in the original, because of age and such, it wouldn’t be so strange.

    Maybe they just didn’t think it through?

    And I think, didn’t the story say that the servants were locked at their ages when they turned into items?

    The servants knew the Beast was good inside. He was just locked in anger and sadness. Otherwise why would Belle fall in love with him?

    I don’t see how they made a 3D movie of that look good. I haven’t seen any of the 3D versions. Is it really any good?

    • I know Disney does change original tales a lot. I can’t remember if they said in the movie that the servants were stuck at their original ages or not. If they were that is a really confusing spell that freaking enchantress laid on them if she let the beast age but not the servants, but maybe that is what happened.

      The beast was good, he was just really angry at himself.

      The 3D is actually really good. I really liked the Beauty and the Beast 3D but I LOVED the Lion King 3D – it was amazing. I can’t wait for Finding Nemo 3D, that’s one of my favorite movies ever. I don’t know how they made it look so good but I think they have probably spent a lot of time working on it, because they did a really great job.

  4. I LOVE the Lion King. I remember I went as Scar for Halloween as a kid about three years in a row. Finding Nemo is such an adorable movie. I think UP would be amazing in 3D. Imagine all of the balloons popping out at you.

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