I’m sure everyone has now heard of  the SOPA and PIPA bills after big sites like Wikipedia, Google, and even WordPress were protesting with site blackouts on the 18th. In fact, over 75,000 websites went down in protest!

Now, I’m not one for talking politics, that’s about the last thing you’ll find me doing for fun. I also hate when people inflict their views and causes on the world. So I’m sorry for this, I’ll keep it short, and please feel free to stop reading and I’ll try to never bring up politics again.

The thing about these acts is that they are trying to do a noble thing – piracy ain’t cool – but I think they are going about it the wrong way. (Remember when they tried to tell us “ain’t” wasn’t a word in school? Pfft we showed them!) As a film student, I want to make the money from my work, not some random person on the internet. Unless that random person is my husband, because he probably helped me with whatever it is I’m trying to make money from. And if that was the case, it wouldn’t really be so random, would it?

Ahem I digress. I stumbled on this feature on WordPress that I hadn’t realized was there, and thought I’d share it. Through the 24th, we can put a ribbon on our blogs to spread the awareness on SOPA and PIPA!

Just go into settings and click!

In WordPress, just go into Settings>Protest SOPA/PIPA> Select the ribbon and save changes! Voila!

So there you have it. Educate yourself on SOPA and PIPA and take action if you disagree with what they mean for Americans. If you agree with SOPA and PIPA I’m not here to change your mind, or argue about it. That just ain’t my thing. See, there I go using that ain’t word again. My 3rd grade teacher would totally paddle me right now, had they not outlawed paddling when I was in the 1st grade. My first grade teacher was really mean and scary, she failed me in coloring for coloring outside the lines…




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