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I woke up today and immediately grabbed my iPhone to check my email. It has become a sickness, and I even find myself checking email/Facebook in the middle of the night (you know, those times you wake up to tinkle, but aren’t waking up for your day to start) Yeah, someone needs to get this phone away from me. OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS! DON’T TOUCH MY PHONE!

Whoa Ok ok, I’m ok. Phew.

Ahem, anyway, I woke up today and checked my email to find the sweetness that is Amber, aka Conversing With Novels has given lil’ ol’ me the One Lovely Blog Award. Huzzah! As Limebirdbeth and Limebirdsophie would say 😉

From what I have gathered there aren’t any “rules” so to say for this award, but Amber shared 7 things that make her happy, so I think I will do the same!

1. Date nights with my husband. We almost always do the same thing – dinner and a movie. But I enjoy it, even if it’s not wild and exciting. I just love having dinner with him, then we walk to a coffee shop/book store near the theater where he turns his head while I buy too many books, and I turn my head while he buys too many video games. It’s a good head turning system we have!

2. My sisters. My sister Kelly and I grew up together and she always picked on me even though I’m 6 1/2 years older. My sister Becca was born after I moved out of mom’s house, when I was almost 20, but we are like two peas in a pod!

3. Muse and The Red Hot Chili Peppers!

4. My best friend Monica. She’s mostly my sister too.

5. My memaw’s spaghetti. YUM

6. Chocolate!

7. Writing scripts with my husband. He’s so smart, I wish I was as clever as he is!

Now I get to pass the award onto others. Again, no rules on how many folks this award needs to go to.  So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I present the award to….

Drum roll please….

thdhdtddhchddududud (that’s a drum roll…duh)

The Wootape Letters. My husband David! YES. He finally started a blog (Huzzah! See Limebirdbeth I’m helping!) The world can finally read his grumbly rants. He’s got a foul mouth, and isn’t one for updating daily. So if you like random spurts of hilarity you will follow him this instant! (I know he has a draft in there ready to publish, I saw him typing it mwuahahaha)

Life in the Blueridges. Amelia is awesome, plus she’s obsessed with the Gilmore Girls like I am so that is an instant plus in my book (Shoot I should have added the Gilmore Girls to my list of things that makes me happy!)

Buddhafulkat. Awesome stories and awesome art! All around awesome!

Scribbling Hermit. She scribbles. She’s a hermit. She’s a scribbling hermit with awesome poems!

And there you have it. Now go away and stop eyeing my phone, you can’t take it from me! You just can’t!


25 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog

    • Oooo I love Muse so much! When my husband and I took a bus from Kentucky to Vegas (yeah thats a few blog posts on its own lol) I pretty much did nothing but listen to Muse the whole way!

      • Total winning! Aren’t they amazing live!? I first saw them when I was 16 when they opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters (OMG BEST SHOW IN HISTORY!) and I was immediately in love. I hadn’t seen them since then until they toured around here in 2010 – my mom and sister Kelly who I had gotten hooked too drove around 4 hours to see them in March, and then in October we drove around 2 hours to see them, and then spent the night in that town, then we got up the next day and drove another 3 hours or so to the next town on their tour stop and saw them again. We waited outside the venue when the show was over and we waited and we waited and we waited, and then finally Matt Bellamy came out, and we yelled his name, and he looked at us…and he waived….and we all died a little on the inside. HAHA I feel like a crazy teenager around Muse, and my mom is 50 and she’s the same age! Heck even my sis Becca loves them. we are just one big Muse family!

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