7 x 7 Sunshine

What a great start to my day! I checked my email to see that not only did I receive one award today, but two!

Thank you to buddhafulkat for the 7 x 7 award and thank you to Limebirdbeth, lovely founder of the Limebirdwriters, for the Sunshine Award! You have both put a smile on my face today.

7 x 7 Award

The rules are:

1) Share some general things about myself:

I’m pretty boring. I’ll be 28 in a couple of months and it freaks me out that I’m getting closer to 30, even though I know that is pretty silly. I’ve been with my husband since I was 19, but we just got married a couple of years ago. I’m obsessed with the Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, and Ellen! I used to hate McDonald’s food until I worked there, then I started to love it. Don’t ask me why. When I was 16 I got kicked out of a school program (Upward Bound) for participating in cannibalism and tarot. There was another girl kicked out with me, and we’ve been best friends ever since. It was like fate! Neither of us have eaten a human, and the people who ran that program were literally crazy, but it makes for a good story. That same friend introduced me to my husband… so really I owe my life to cannibalism.

2) List 7 posts on my blog that I think should be read:

Well this makes me feel kinda weird, like I’m pimping myself, but uh, here goes –

Dirty Laundry
And His Name is Zort
That One Time I Almost Went to Prison for Murder
Such a Weird Kid
Sticker Bush
Blog About Soup
My Old Kentucky Home

3) Nominate 7 more bloggers for the award and let them know about it:

For the Sunshine award, Limebirdbeth nominated the 10 bloggers that had been with the Limebird Writers the longest. So, I think I’m going to do the same here, for the 7 X 7 award!  Limebirdbeth was actually my first follower, but since she’s already got this award I’ll have to skip over her. But seriously, the Limebirds are awesome and you should all be following them! Then buddhafulkat was my second follower, but she’s the one that passed this award onto me in the first place…. 😀

Write or Revise Daily
Gin and Lemonade
Verified Kayo
ScribblingHermit (shoot she already has this one, but check her out anyway!)
Kourtney Heintz’s Journal 

Sunshine Award

The guidelines for receiving this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award –  Thanks again Limebirdbeth!

2) Write a post about it

3) Answer the questions below  

4) Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know

Answer 10 questions:

Favorite colour: Orange
Favorite animal:  kitties
Favorite number:  34 (I was born on 3/4/1984 at 3:34. Maybe when I’m 34 I’ll have the best year ever!)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Vanilla Coke Zero
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
My passion:  Film. Studying film, writing film, editing film, enjoying films, film history…you get the idea.
Getting or giving presents? Giving
Favorite pattern:  polka dots
Favorite day of the week: Friday or Saturday. I can’t choose, but those are my days off of work and both equally awesome.
Favorite flower: Mums. They bloom in the fall and they are such pretty fall colors. It’s the flowers we used at our wedding.

10 Bloggers  – I’m going to pass this onto blogs that make me happy, but I suck at following blogs, and would also pass this back to folks that have already received it, or to those who are giving me the award in the first place. Plus by putting these all together on  one post I’ve put it on myself to choose 17 blogs and holy cow I dunno if I even follow that many…. So anyway here are 8 blogs that make me happy. 8 is practically 10, right? :

Conversing with Novels
Kitty bloger
Spectacular Disaster
Robin Hawke
The Wootape Letters – Yeah I’m still going to shamelessly plug my husband!  He’s funny, he’s a grouchy nerd, and he amuses me. I’m sure if you checked him out, he’d amuse you too!

Feel free to pass these along, or not, whatever you want 🙂 And thanks again to Limebirdbeth and buddhafulkat for giving these to me, it really means a lot!


13 thoughts on “7 x 7 Sunshine

    • You’re most certainly welcome 🙂 I spent about a year maybe looking around stores for a good polka dot shower curtain. I finally found a black and white one and jumped on it.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I love my kitties so much, I sit around talking to them — I probably need to be in a crazy home or something. They start yelling at me for dinner and I try to reason with them that I’m working on getting their food if they’d just calm down and stop yelling at me…for some reason they never listen.

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  3. Congratulations Laura! Cheesecake Summer deserves the kudos. I’m looking forward to following your links. 🙂 Thank you so much for sending some sunshine my way.

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