You’re IT!


I’m playing a friendly game of tag, having “tagged” myself over at Neeks blog.

The rules:

1. You must post the rules. (duh? hehe sorry I’m 12 years old not almost 28, I swear!)

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Neeks came up with:

1) Lefty or Righty?  Righty

2) The happiest time of your life is/was:  Oh this is a hard one to answer. There have been several happy moments. When my husband and I first started dating was happy, though life was a little chaotic then. When I got married was a happy moment, but that time in my life was a very sad one.  (Not because of the wedding…though my husband might equate that with his sadness hehe) Seeing Muse was happy. Seeing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers was happy. Seeing them again was happy. Seeing Hanson when I was 13 and begging so much to see them until I was crying was happy…. happy moments. But the happiest time of my life? I don’t know if that has happened. Just having this question asked made me realize that. It’s not like I’m an unhappy person, quite the opposite. But I can’t think of THE BIG MOMENT where I feel that nothing in life could be happier than that.  Is that bad?

3) What is your earliest memory? Oh I know this one. I had to have been around 2 years old. I know this because my parents were still married. I had a stuffed Snuggle bear, and I had some gum. Well, being polite like I was always taught, I shared some of my gum with Snuggle bear, which of course cause his mouth to stick together. My parents got upset with me. Harumph, I was just sharing!

4) Most embarrassing moment (that you’ll admit to): Well, that would probably be this one time in the 8th grade during lunch, my friend asked a boy at the next table over to explain what .. um.. (kids cover your eyes) … masturbation was. I thought I’d rather die than sit at that table any longer.

5) What makes you laugh out loud? Literally just about anything. I can sit here and make a funny noise and crack up for 10 minutes. I can look at myself funny in a mirror and be rolling. Ellen DeGeneres too. She makes me laugh so much. And cry when she’s being super nice to people. 

6) Name one thing you would like to “fix” for all of mankind, be it a collective thought or gift to give:  Well, I’d sure like for us to get over this whole war thing. If there was anyway to fix that I’d be all about it.

7) Evolution or Creation? Can I say both? I understand scientifically how things probably worked out with this whole life business, but I’m also a Christian (not a pushy bible thumper kind, yes I will accept other thoughts and ideas as possibilities) so yeah… both. Final answer.

8) Do you remember any of your high school teachers – who and why? Oh yes. This year is my 10 year high school reunion. No I am not going. I had several wonderful teachers. I went to church with our Political Science teacher, where he was really quiet and laid back. In the classroom though, everyone feared him. You could hear him yelling and screaming up and down the entire English/History wing of the high school. I spent my entire Freshman and Sophomore year fearing this class. But once I got in there I realized if you sit up in your chair, keep your mouth shut and pay attention, he was one of the greatest teachers out there! He was fired up about what is probably a boring topic for most people. He made me learn things, and appreciate American history more (a topic I now love!)  The first day of class I quietly shuffled my way to the back of the room like I always did. He grabbed a pile of text books from his desk and started slinging them all across the room, throwing each book at us until the whole class had their text-book. I thought I’d rather drop out of high school than complete that class! Boy was I wrong.

My senior year I took my very first AP (advanced placement) class – AP English 4, who was taught by one of the best teachers ever! He knew how to teach with a sense of humor. He knew our personalities. He knew I’d rather transfer schools than give a presentation. One day he caught me literally on the floor rolling with laughter and didn’t even question me… yeah he knew me well! I often think about him, how he’s doing and if these new snot nosed teenagers know how awesome my class of snot nosed teenagers knew he was.

Wow Ok I officially just rambled about high school way too long.

9) Who is your hero and why?  I’d say I have several, honestly.

Ellen DeGeneres – She is funny AND amazingly nice to people. She helps so many people when they are down, and she does it with class. Plus, she’s not one to let people get her down, and I have to respect that.

My papaw – He came from such a tumultuous childhood, and at the age of 8 knew that wasn’t the life he wanted. He left home to live with his grandparents, and from there grew up to not only be a brilliant teacher, but also the mayor of my home town for 12 years. I miss him so much!

JK Rowling – Depressed single mother on welfare to billionaire rock star of an author. Not only does she make women awesome, she makes reading and writing awesome and those are two of my favorite things! Not to mention an incredible rags to riches story.

10) Can we make a “Better” tomorrow? How would you contribute?  Honestly, I don’t know. Can we? It seems pretty hopeless and I don’t know if there is anything I can personally do. I just go about my days being nice and friendly and helpful in anyway that I can, and hope it’s good enough.

11) Inn-ie or Out-ie?  Inn-ie. Also, my husband is afraid of out-ies for some reason.


Now, my questions for you:

1. What is the one thing you would do if there were no physical or monetary limitations, be it with someone dead or alive?
2. If there was no space-time continuum to worry about, what would you go into the past to change?
3. Who would you cast in the movie of your own life?
4. If you could force one famous person into retirement, who would it be?
5. Just what is the secret to the universe?
6. If you could be one other person for a day, who would it be?
7. You are forced to move into one literary setting (like Narnia.. or uh, the house on Paper St. that Fight Club took place in) – you have to leave your friends, family, home, etc. but you have your choice of literary setting to move into … what would it be?
8. If there was no danger in it, what one planet in our solar system would you travel to?
9. You can have any one celebrity fight any one animal, which would it be?
10. Just what book would you take with you on a stranded island.
11. Which horror movie villain would you most like to share a banana split with?


And I like Neeks method of tagging folks, first 11 who comment can consider yourselves tagged 🙂 Come out come out wherever you are! Come out come out and play!


Shut Up Brain!


I can’t sleep, I’m bored, and these are the things currently on my mind:

1. I hate being self-conscious. Today I thought I caught two giggling teenagers pointing out my has-its-own-orbit girth. Later at the coffee shop I caught a man sitting at a laptop covered in Ron Paul stickers giving me sideways glances, which made me wonder if he was judging me too. I wondered at that point if there was a hole I could crawl in to or a giant sized paper bag to wear over my person.

2. The Foo Fighters are freaking bad-ass epic awesome. I saw them in concert when I was 16, and that needs to happen again.

3. I’ve needed to go to the grocery store since Wednesday, and I haven’t managed to make it there yet.

4. I’m terrified of loud pops.

5. Sam and Dean Winchester need to be real.

6. We went to see Wanderlust and it was really funny!

7. Maybe I shouldn’t have had a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso at 10 PM…

8. I can’t believe I’ll be 28 in 9 days… what happened to 18?

9. I’m addicted to Vanilla Coke Zero. I need some now. NOW!

10. I can’t wait until the Hunger Games movie comes out.

11.  I wish I had more than 3 hours of sleep.

12. Morgan Freeman should be the narrator of everything in existence.

13. They really should make a Gilmore Girls movie… for real. Really. Please?

How I Exasperate My Husband: The Series – Part 2


Him: “What do you want for dinner?”
Me: “I dunno, what do you want?” *looks sheepishly around*
Him: “Whatever you want,  you have something in mind don’t you?”
Me: “…No….uh huh…”
Him: “Yes you do, out with it!”
Me: “No I don’t….”
Him: “Yes you do, come on…out with it!”
Me: “Pfft I don’t, what do you want for dinner?”
Him: “For you to tell me what you have in mind.”
Me: “I don’t have anything, honest!”
Him: “Yes you do, I can tell.”
Me: “How about omelets?”
Him: “You knew that you wanted that five minutes ago didn’t you?”
Me: “Uh…. no I just thought of it!”
Him: “Riiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhttttttt.”


Woot, I’m a fluffly green bird now! If you haven’t seen the Limebird Writer’s site you need to go there RIGHT NOW, I don’t care what you are doing. Well, you shouldn’t be doing much but sitting there, I’d like to think you aren’t reading blogs while driving, or doing heart surgery. Unless you are using what my best friend likes to call “space phones”, and if that is the case….well kindly pull over to the shoulder of the road and THEN go read the Limebirds! The Limebirds are not responsible for any car accidents or heart surgery flubs.

Limebird Writers

Well hello there! A little bird told me you want to write a script. Wait, what’s that? You don’t, you say? Well what the heck are you doing here, be gone with you!

No wait! I was just kidding, come back come back! No, don’t give me that look, you’re killing me here. How about I give you some candy, will you stay then?

Phew glad we settled that. Alright so maybe you don’t think you want to write a script just this moment, but hear me out OK? It really is a lot of fun, but a lot different from writing your standard short story or novel.

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How I Exasperate My Husband: The Series – Part 1


Apologies for yesterday’s extremely too long, too rambly ramble rant about life. I’ll try not to do that again…

And now, I’d like to talk about how fun it is to annoy my husband!

For anyone who doesn’t know my husband, he’s a big nerd. I mean a D&D – comic books – Star Wars  kind of nerd. I always hear him and his friends talk about characters in short hand. For instance, Captain America becomes “Cap”. Superman is “Supes”. Batman becomes “Bats”. You get the idea.

So every time I hear my husband say “Cap”, I always follow it up with “tain America”. I don’t know why, but I get some sort of irrational aggravation that boils up inside of me every time I hear “Cap”.

Well, turns out I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I give shorthand to words that don’t need shorthand at all!

We have an entertainment store in town called Hastings, or to me “The Tings”. Yeah, I know, it’s nonsensical. Totes nonsensical. See I can’t be bothered to say totally. Totes can’t be bothered.

When I sit down to watch a movie I have some plopski. That’s not exactly shorthand for popcorn…I don’t know what you’d call that. Insanity maybe.

Well so I like to make my own words up. I think they sound better than “Cap”… but the sighs I get from my husband every time. Oh the sighs. They are what fuel me.


If It Weren’t For Pizza and Cannibals


I’ve been in one of those grumpy contemplative moods today. So this is just me rambling thoughts about life down and  probably isn’t funny or uplifting or about Harry Potter …. but um anyway…

I have a little sister named Becca who will be 8 on Tuesday, and we live about an hour away from each other so hardly get to hang out, except on Saturday when my mom has to drive up through my area.

I work a late shift (6 pm to 3 am) which usually means I’m not going to sleep until somewhere around 5-6 in the morning. It’s not ideal, trust me, but it’s how my life is. Anyway, when mom comes through town its 9 in the morning, so I have to get up on around 2 hours of sleep to hang out with my sis. I don’t mind it, it’s usually one of the highlights of my week. I always take her to breakfast at Chick-fil-a, where she orders chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake, and I let her because I’m her big sister and big sisters are awesome like that.

Except today she was so grumpy for some reason (I think she might have felt a little under the weather, but she didn’t say it). She yelled at me so many times I got to the point that I just stopped talking to her. I was even trying to help her with a school project on President Clinton, but only got my head bitten off. Then she told me to just leave (and I took her advice and just left).

It made me feel so crappy I laid on my couch crying for 20 minutes. That might be due to the fact that I’m a complete girl, overly sensitive, and cry at the drop of a hat anyway. I realize I’m literally 20 years older than she is, and kids can be a pain in the butt sometimes and probably didn’t mean to be horrible to me. (Mom later called and said she cried from feeling bad about being mean to me… I guess it was a crying kind of morning for these sisters)

Anyway, all that sadness got me to thinking, how funny it is the way things turn out. Becca, shouldn’t even be here really. Where did she come from? For years it was just me, my sister Kelly (who is now 21), and mom. Then one day mom got a job at a pizza shop where she met this man and …. well all that lead to Becca. She and mom almost died during labor, too.

But then, I got to thinking a lot farther than just Becca being here.  I mean, we owe our lives to our grandparents and their grandparents and their grandparents and so on and so on. How funny it is that the puzzle pieces fit together to make what is life.

I mean, my maternal grandmother’s father left her and her mom when she was 12. Due to this, my great-grandmother sent my grandmother to a boarding school to be cared for (this was a long time ago when divorce wasn’t the norm like now, and women really did do nothing but care for families. So when my great-grandfather left, my great-grandmother didn’t have a job and stuff). After going through junior college at boarding school, my grandmother decided to go to university in western Kentucky, where she was a baton twirler in the band (that seems like it has a technical name to it, but I can’t think of it). My grandfather was going to study business, but then went with biology so he could become a dentist. One night he went to a football game and saw this really pretty girl twirling her baton… and that sealed that deal.  And that is where my mother came from.

My paternal grandfather happened to be an extremely brilliant man (and one of the best humans that has ever graced this planet). He owned some property in a small town, where my grandmother had just moved. She rented a small apartment from him, not really knowing him. One day, though, a fire broke out, and my grandfather actually rescued my grandmother! He was such a handsome man too, I can’t blame my granny from swooning over him. Well, that’s where my father came from.

My mom and dad both love to sing, and in high school were both accepted into a choir called All Festival. I want to think it’s something that is held all throughout the country, but I’m not sure. Anyway, that is where they met, singing in this choir composed of the best high school singers from south-eastern Kentucky. At the ripe old age of 19 my mom married this guy, who wouldn’t have existed had there not been a fire in an apartment all those years ago..

And so, that is where I came from. All of these elements (and SO many more) played out in just the right way. Had there not been that fire, I’d be somebody else. Maybe if my great-grandfather hadn’t left his family for his secretary, my grandmother wouldn’t have gone to college where she did and never have met this handsome soon-to-be dentist.

Then even with my own life, I can recognize the cards going into place to cause an outcome. My husband wasn’t born in Kentucky, he came here from Boston, Mass. when he was 7 years old. His mom decided to make the move down here, and they happened to live about 20 minutes from my home town.

I met him when I was 19 through my best friend Monica. Now, Monica and I have an interesting story as well. We were friendly in school, I would talk to her in classes and stuff, but we never hung out. Until one day this group called Upward Bound, which helps poorer kids get into college, decided to open a chapter in our high school. Monica and I were two of the first four students to join that group at our school. The stipulation for joining was we spent the summers on a college campus taking refresher classes and getting prepared for college.

Well, Monica has a bit of a funny sense of humor, that’s why we get on so well. She thought it was funny to say that Hannibal Lecter (a fictional cannibal) was her hero. Another girl in our group had a set of tarot cards with her. Well for some reason the leaders of Upward Bound found both of these things a bit disturbing and got the whole lot of us kicked out (at 1 in the morning no less!)

It was a really crappy thing and I had never in my life been in trouble, and honestly I had not done anything. I asked what I had done, and they literally told me “You didn’t say you were afraid of them.” Well, bloody hell, Monica and I were in girl scouts together for crying out loud, I was not afraid of her, so why would i say I was? At any rate, there we were, 16 years old and kicked out of a school program in the middle of the night. I was mortified, and Monica felt bad for getting me in trouble.

She then apparently spent the whole summer contemplating coming to tell me she was sorry. But one day, my mother, product of an abandoning grandfather and a baton twirling mother and a father who liked football…and a baton twirling girl… drove past Monica’s house, where she just so happened to be sitting outside. Mom stopped, and told Monica to come by, that I’d like to hang out.

Monica took my mom’s advise, and soon, we were spending every day together. I had found my soul mate of a best friend. I don’t know Monica’s grandparent’s story, leading to her eventual place in life, but there she was sitting on her porch that day my mom just happened to go by her house… and that sealed the deal. Now as adults we live about 2 minutes from each other… but anyway, I digress.

Monica had this boyfriend in highschool who knew this guy named Woo (his name is David but everyone called him Woo, which is his last name). One day Monica invited me and Woo to go to the movies with her and her boyfriend, and I accepted. He was such a funny guy.

I know I’m bouncing around all over the place but bear with me.

I’m 19 years old at this point, when I met Woo. That just so happened to be the same time that mom was moving in her pizza shop boyfriend, and with him starting to plan a family. I had just finished my first year of college, and so had no place to live because my room was now someone else’s bedroom at home. I was sent to live with my (baton twirling and dentist) grandparents. I decided to get a job at McDonald’s to fill my days, but my nights I got pretty bored. One night, I logged online and got this message on MSN messenger from Woo.

We spent the entire summer talking.

That fall I went back to college, and spent my nights talking to Woo. By New Year (2003), we were official. And now my name is Woo, too.

So if it weren’t for batons, family abandoning great-grandfather, football games, apartment fires, all festival choirs, cannibals, mom randomly driving down a random street…. all these random things, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now with a wedding ring on my finger. Well, if I did have a wedding ring on my finger, it wouldn’t be for Woo.

I don’t know, it’s just interesting to sit back and really think about all these life events that lead to …well, life!

I’m sorry that was a long and rambling post, just what’s been going on in my head today after getting grumped on by  a sister who wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for pizza.

Lego my Valentine – Part 2


Well, dearest reader, if you read my post the other day you will know that my husband bought me a Lego Harry Potter set, that some crappy person had previously emptied the box out, stuffed with a K’nex set, and sold back to the store. It made me make a sad face!

Today the good husband returned to the store to exchange the now K’nex set with a proper Lego Hogwarts, only to discover that the store was all sold out!

Double sad face.

So he decided to look on Amazon for the Lego Hogwarts set. I probably would have settled for something else (The Burrow for instance, which will be mine some day, oh yes it will!) But dang-it I really wanted the Lego Neville Longbottom that came with the Hogwarts set that would have been mine, had the muggle who “bought” it before my husband didn’t completely suck!

Well, it turns out I should be thanking the redneck out there that thought it would be a sweet deal to trick Wal-Mart by swapping Legos with K’Nex.  Unbeknownst to us, the husband had a $50 credit on Amazon.

HUZZAH! A now $3 Lego Hogwarts is en route to me as we speak.


I mean, how great is Neville Longbottom? So great, right?

Neville Longbottom - the ultimate bad-ass!


They can't keep me from you Neville!