The Woman in Black

Holy cornballs of terror!

But first, a conversation I had with the popcorn guy at the theater.

Him: Where’s the man you’re usually with?
Me: Somewhere back there (pointing to the pop fountain).
Him: How long have you been together?
Me: I dunno 9 years? 8 years? A while I can’t remember.
Him: So, are you married, or is he your boyfriend.
Me: (Holding up my left hand and pointing to the wedding ring) Married………………………
Him: I see, how did he propose?
Me: Well, uh, we were sitting there one day and he looked over at me and said hey would you marry me? Kinda random.
Him: Aw wow that is really romantic actually.
(Husband finally makes his way to the counter, oh thank dear goodness. We walk away.)
Husband: That guy totally wants to bone you.

How romantic.

Anyhow, we make our way into the movie and it begins. I spent about the first half of the movie annoying my husband with things like –

“Don’t be scared Harry, you’ve taken down Voldemort, you got this!”

“He’s so brave because he’s a Gryffindor.”

“Oh look it’s the Hogwart’s Express!”

“Just get your wand out Harry!”

Then I finally shut up with the Harry Potter jokes (ok, maybe not…. ) and paid attention to the movie. Which was really great.

Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe, plays a lawyer who’s sent to sort through the final affairs of woman who’s passed away. But he soon learns that the townsfolk don’t trust him to be there, there are strange deaths revolving around children, and ultimately the house he’s been sent to is haunted by (dun dun dun) the woman in black.

It was really scary. I don’t remember ever actually grabbing onto my husband’s arm and squealing before, but this movie was just so damn scary. The woman in black… oh my gosh she was terrifying. I love horror movies. Hell I remember watching Night of the Living Dead when I was 6, and  A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 7 – It’s hard to remember being 6 and 7 when you are “pushing thirty” (as my husband loves to point out) but I loved those movies and I remember the first time I watched both of them. I’m just hardly ever scared of scary movies anymore. But this movie had me clinging to my poor husband’s arm until he was begging for his circulation back.

I mean come on, you know a movie is going to be scary when it has creepy looking children in it.

It’s good to see a horror movie that is actually scary, which is  a rare thing these days. I’m pretty sure the woman sitting near my husband was in the fetal position – it was that good.


19 thoughts on “The Woman in Black

  1. You sound like a right cinema pest – I’m surprised your husband didn’t move away from you! I didn’t know there was a film out. I read books years ago and it got me into the disturbing books of Susan Hill. Apparently the stage show is terrifying too.

    I can’t imagine Daniel Radcliff in it, but I always found his Harry Potter acting a bit wooden – would be interesting to see him in a different role…but I have a baby and I’m not going to ‘spend’ my cinema credits on this – I’m saving them for The Hunger Games in March!

    Ha-ha – popcorn guy sounds great.

    • Haha I’m usually not that bad with the mid-movie comments but for some reason I couldn’t stop myself with the Harry Potter jokes. The whole theater was full of folks like that. At one point it got all quiet and you know something is about to jump out of the shadow and scare the crap out of you – some guy in the back yelled loud enough for everyone to hear “watch out it’s Voldemort!!!!” and the ENTIRE theater burst out laughing. I do hope that Daniel Radcliffe does a lot of movies, and that maybe I will stop calling him Harry Potter… hehehe.

  2. I didn’t know about this movie, and I think I’d find it difficult to see DR in a role other than Harry Potter. I wonder, though, if that’s what he was after–to play a role so opposite of HP to show his “range” so he’s not typecast?

    I probably won’t see it because I’m a chicken and can’t handle horror movies.

    Love the popcorn guy–and your hubby’s reaction! 🙂

  3. So it was actually scary? I was so disappointed in Scream that I have been boycotting so-called scray movies ever since. I just might have to check this one out. Thank you for your review of it.

    • Yes I thought it was really really scary. I liked Scream, the first one at least. But I like those types of movies too and am probably biased to most things Wes Craven does.

  4. Not especially original and not tremendously scary, but there are a few pleasurable jolts of fear, some shiver-down-your-spine moodiness and it doesn’t overstay its welcome for too long. Nice write-up. Check out my review when you get the chance.

  5. Loved the dialogue with the guy at the movies. 🙂 OMG, I am so excited to see this movie. I love to be scared. Thanks for the review. Makes me want to see it even more

    • One time I had a really annoying convo with the popcorn guy.
      Me: Medium popcorn please (knowing that we hardly ever even finish the medium between the two of us)
      Him: Would you like to make that a large for 75 cents more?
      Me: No, medium please
      Him: You sure you don’t want a large?
      Me: No, medium please
      Him: You sure, it’s only 75 cents more and free refills.
      Me: Or I could not buy popcorn at all…
      He hands me a medium.

      He always talks to me though, which is kind of scary that we go to the movies enough to be noticed by the staff or something (we go like once a week honestly) like he’s starting to profile the types of movies we like to watch and everything! hahaha.

      And Woman in Black was really great,I thought at least. It was honestly super scary!

  6. I have yet to see the remake, but I really enjoyed the original BBC version.

    Fun fact:
    The man that plays James Potter in the Harry Potter films (Adrian Rawlins) was the main character in the original “The Woman in Black.”

  7. Oh god, I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less than go and see this film. I am such a scaredy cat, seriously. I jump at everything. The thought of it just actually scares me.

    I think I’ll give this one a miss. 😛

    PS – That guy blatently does want to bone you! haha.

  8. Loved your talk with the popcorn guy!

    Ah, scary movie, so NOT up my alley! I don’t know if you thought ‘The Ring’ was scary. I switched off my DVD when the girl crawls out of the TV. It was around 1am and I was watching it all alone at home. I am still scared thinking of it.

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