Lego my Valentine

My husband and I are children. If something is marketed for a 12-year-old, you can pretty much bet money we’ll be in line to buy it. So when things are made that combine childish elements, such as Legos… and Harry Potter… well that’s just a recipe for my happiness. I know this, my husband knows this, and now you know this!

Well, instead of things like roses, or fine jewelry, my husband set off for the store to get what would surely make me happier over all other things — a ginormous Lego Harry Potter set of Hogwarts! Score!

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I tore into the box, ready to get my hands on a tiny Lego version of Neville Longbottom..

I mean come on! There could be nothing better in this world than a miniature Neville Longbottom!

After fighting with the tape holding the box together, I eagerly threw my hand into the box to pull out all the tiny Lego bits (which were sure to scatter to the four corners of the room ready to embed themselves in my foot) .

Except, I found this instead:

"Hmm maybe they added a mini-game in this Lego set?" - me to myself.

I thought this was odd, random dice, red and blue bits, and other oddities.

Then I learned, there were no Legos in my box at all. I did get a freaking full box of K’Nex though… thank you very freaking much to whoever did this! Not cool, nay, not cool at all!

Maybe if I had paid attention in transfiguration class I'd know how to turn this into a Lego Hogwarts set!

I would like to use crucio on whoever took home a Lego Harry Potter set, unboxed it, stuffed random dice and a K’Nex set back in it, returned it to Wal-Mart and got their money back! How rude!

Oh well, at least I can go to bed knowing that Captain Jack Sparrow won’t let me down!


11 thoughts on “Lego my Valentine

  1. WHAT?! That sucks! Did you return it and get a new one? I totally feel for you. I love Harry Potter and I love Legos.

    Have you played the Lego video games? They’re the best. =)

    • I haven’t returned it yet but next time we go that way we are. I hope they don’t give us grief or anything.

      I love the video games! Right now I’m in the middle of year 6 🙂

  2. That lego set looks so cool! I want one. Can’t believe you haven’t rushed straight back to the shop and have the patience to hold off until next time you’re in the area. My pet love from ages past is top trumps – I’ve got two of the Harry Potter sets.

    • Ahhh I knwo! He actually gave it to me around 3 a.m and we haven’t had a moment out since. He almost ran to the store right then but it was 3 a.m. He gave me the Jack Sparrow at the same time and we were both paranoid to open it! Hehe

    • The husband just went back to the store and they don’t have another set 😦 Dangit! He’s going to order one from amazon now, thank goodness for amazon!

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