Lego my Valentine – Part 2

Well, dearest reader, if you read my post the other day you will know that my husband bought me a Lego Harry Potter set, that some crappy person had previously emptied the box out, stuffed with a K’nex set, and sold back to the store. It made me make a sad face!

Today the good husband returned to the store to exchange the now K’nex set with a proper Lego Hogwarts, only to discover that the store was all sold out!

Double sad face.

So he decided to look on Amazon for the Lego Hogwarts set. I probably would have settled for something else (The Burrow for instance, which will be mine some day, oh yes it will!) But dang-it I really wanted the Lego Neville Longbottom that came with the Hogwarts set that would have been mine, had the muggle who “bought” it before my husband didn’t completely suck!

Well, it turns out I should be thanking the redneck out there that thought it would be a sweet deal to trick Wal-Mart by swapping Legos with K’Nex.  Unbeknownst to us, the husband had a $50 credit on Amazon.

HUZZAH! A now $3 Lego Hogwarts is en route to me as we speak.


I mean, how great is Neville Longbottom? So great, right?

Neville Longbottom - the ultimate bad-ass!


They can't keep me from you Neville!


13 thoughts on “Lego my Valentine – Part 2

  1. Ha-ha, Neville does dark and broody! Do you think, ‘aw bless’ is the reaction he was going for?

    I wish my baby was old enough for me to justify buying a lego Hogwarts set. Can’t wait to see the pic when it finally arrives.

    • I can’t wait to put it together, I just need to find a place to put it. If I don’t stop buying legos soon I’m going to need a bigger apartment with its own Lego room.

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