How I Exasperate My Husband: The Series – Part 1

Apologies for yesterday’s extremely too long, too rambly ramble rant about life. I’ll try not to do that again…

And now, I’d like to talk about how fun it is to annoy my husband!

For anyone who doesn’t know my husband, he’s a big nerd. I mean a D&D – comic books – Star Wars  kind of nerd. I always hear him and his friends talk about characters in short hand. For instance, Captain America becomes “Cap”. Superman is “Supes”. Batman becomes “Bats”. You get the idea.

So every time I hear my husband say “Cap”, I always follow it up with “tain America”. I don’t know why, but I get some sort of irrational aggravation that boils up inside of me every time I hear “Cap”.

Well, turns out I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I give shorthand to words that don’t need shorthand at all!

We have an entertainment store in town called Hastings, or to me “The Tings”. Yeah, I know, it’s nonsensical. Totes nonsensical. See I can’t be bothered to say totally. Totes can’t be bothered.

When I sit down to watch a movie I have some plopski. That’s not exactly shorthand for popcorn…I don’t know what you’d call that. Insanity maybe.

Well so I like to make my own words up. I think they sound better than “Cap”… but the sighs I get from my husband every time. Oh the sighs. They are what fuel me.



9 thoughts on “How I Exasperate My Husband: The Series – Part 1

  1. Mine’s correcting mine every time he says something with a midlands slant – e.g. he says castle with an ass sound, while I (correctly) give the word the southern prolongation and unwritten r to caaaarstle. It’s so instinctive that even when I’m trying to behave myself it just pops out. How rude of me!

    • My husband makes fun of my accent (here we over pronounce the R sound), but he’s from the New England area were “car” becomes “cah” and words that don’t have R’s in them normally, suddenly do … like “carstle” hehe. Accents are interesting!

  2. My husband says “acrosst” for across. Such as, “Let’s go acrosst the street for some coffee.”

    It really bugs the heck out of me.

    The other thing he does is call Crayons “color Crayons”. Such as, “Kids, get out your color Crayons and draw a picture for Grandma.”

    Kills me. 🙂

    • AH! I’ve heard folks say “accrost” before, I can see being bugged by that. My step dad ALWAYS said “ideal” for “idea” and I spent like 2 hours one time explaining the difference between the two and beating the habit of saying “ideal” out of him!

  3. I love making up my own abbreviations and words. My favorite thing to annoy my mom or my grandma (it gets under both their skin equally) is to go shopping and pretend I’m helping them look for clothes and then show them the most reediculous outfits. They get so annoyed. I don’t know why this game amuses me so much, but it does. I spent 20 minutes in the store saying “What about this?” and loving each frustrated reaction.

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