Woot, I’m a fluffly green bird now! If you haven’t seen the Limebird Writer’s site you need to go there RIGHT NOW, I don’t care what you are doing. Well, you shouldn’t be doing much but sitting there, I’d like to think you aren’t reading blogs while driving, or doing heart surgery. Unless you are using what my best friend likes to call “space phones”, and if that is the case….well kindly pull over to the shoulder of the road and THEN go read the Limebirds! The Limebirds are not responsible for any car accidents or heart surgery flubs.

Limebird Writers

Well hello there! A little bird told me you want to write a script. Wait, what’s that? You don’t, you say? Well what the heck are you doing here, be gone with you!

No wait! I was just kidding, come back come back! No, don’t give me that look, you’re killing me here. How about I give you some candy, will you stay then?

Phew glad we settled that. Alright so maybe you don’t think you want to write a script just this moment, but hear me out OK? It really is a lot of fun, but a lot different from writing your standard short story or novel.

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