The Joys of Pushing 30

I’ve officially been spanked, publicly.

My husband’s running joke is that I’m pushing 30, and after Sunday I’m officially one year closer.  I’m not sure if he’s forgotten that he’s 31 (and a half!) or not… can I tell him he’s pushing 40?

Either way, on Saturday night there was only one place to go to destroy our livers a little – Nikki’s Tavern.

Such a classy place!

This is the scummiest hole in the wall most awesome place on Earth. Pitchers of beer (ew) are $5, everything else is cheap. They don’t make fruity girly drinks, but there is one thing I can always count on from that place – pineapple upside down! YUM.

Delicious and nutritious!


It is pineapple juice, vanilla vodka, and grenadine, and probably the only thing with fruit you can get out of that place.

I had about 4 of them plus a shot of tequila. In other words:



Midnight came, marking my actual birthday. My friend took her belt off and I actually bent over the bar stool to get my birthday whippings. It only took being hit about three times before I realized I wasn’t just quite intoxicated enough for all that!

Oh the joys of pushing 30. Old enough to go into the bar, young enough to agree to a spanking? I dunno about that…


7 thoughts on “The Joys of Pushing 30

    • I didn’t have any mac n cheese 😦 I did try to go to steak and shake for pancakes and banana split right when we left the bar but they had neither! I did have sushi the next day! HEHE. I wasn’t hung over so it didn’t kill me.

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