Louie Louie

I forgot what my husband’s name was yesterday. My dad asked me how David was doing, and my reply was, “Who’s David?”

Well…ya-see I call him Woo, his last name. “Wait, isn’t that your last name too?” Why yes, yes it is. But for the 5 years we dated before we got married, it wasn’t my last name.

I was introduced to this weird guy named Woo way back in the day and for months I just thought that was his first name. By the time I realized it was his last name, well it was just too late wasn’t it? He was Woo to me.

Then I got to thinking, there are a lot of nicknames in my family. Most of my family call me Louie. The “Louie” nickname comes in many forms – Lou, Lou-Bell, Lou-Jack, Louie… That’s why most of my online names have the word Lou in it somewhere. I know one thing, it’d be awful strange to hear mom or my sisters call me Laura.

I have an aunt I call Rascal (yes, proper noun for her!) Her name is Anne, and according to legend she used to call me a little rascal, so I’d just flip it back on her and call her Rascal right back! I don’t remember this back and forth, that must have been before my brain cooled. And I honestly don’t even know at what point in my life I realized Anne was her name, not Rascal. It doesn’t matter, to me she will always and forever be Rascal.

It’s funny how these nicknames form and stick. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I’ll always be Louie or Lou to many near and dear family members. My husband will always be Woo to me, even though my last name is Woo too… it doesn’t matter. Oh, and you better believe people sure love to call me Lou Woo!

What’s strange though, is I always feel awkward signing my name “Louie” on gifts or cards. If I give a Christmas gift to my sister I feel I should sign it Louie because that’s more my name to her than Laura is. For some reason I don’t feel I have the right to call myself Louie though.

Does anyone else have fun nicknames?


3 thoughts on “Louie Louie

  1. My neighbour had a cat called Rascal that used to come in my parents’ house all the time. They’d try to pretend it just came in of its own accord, but there was one amusing incident when my parents bumped into my neighbour in the supermarket with cat food in clear view in their shopping trolley – my parents didn’t own a cat! They mainly just gave it ham though.

    I made the mistake of once telling my husband my grandpa used to call me silly-Sally-sausage, so he likes to pull that one out sometimes. I’ve tried to turn it back on him as silly-Simon-sausage has the same alliterative lure, but sadly it doesn’t quite work!

    • That’s funny about the cat, they were busted! Hahaha.

      My husband doesn’t have any embarrassing nicknames for me, but I come up with goofy silly names for him all the time.

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