Just an Annoying Rant

I just don’t understand people.

I start to feel beaten in my job. I work customer service and for the most part the only people I actually talk to are the ones demanding a supervisor, or making outlandish legal threats. I’m not the type of person that can handle things like this.

Why have I been able to work in my position for 3 years now? I have no idea. I deal with cranky, crabby, down right horrible people.

My job itself is fine, I’m glad to have a job. I work from the comfort (use that term lightly, it’s freaking hot in my office these days since we hit summer about a month ago) of my own home. And most of the time, I can deal with the crabbiness. God knows why, but I’m about as perky and upbeat as they come.

But then, I get one so downright horrible that it just drains me. It’s hard to bounce back from. It sticks with me. I know they aren’t mad at me per se, but there’s nothing I can do to fix the company’s issue that has caused such anger, and I’m stuck listening to someone degrade me for an hour until my soul is just tired. I had one of those calls tonight. The man wasn’t even that mean, he was just refusing to accept anything I said, and even yelled at me for wishing him a good night.

It’s calls like that that I feel like I need a support group for. Let’s go around the room and talk about the horrifying customer’s we’ve had to deal with until we all feel like our souls are doing better. Does that exist?

I just wish people didn’t assume they know how things work. And trust me when I say there isn’t a magic button I can press to make the internet work right. If there was, I would have pressed it 2 minutes into the soul butchering conversation and spared my sanity from the hour long beat down. I really would have.

This was just an annoying rant, I’m sorry.


4 thoughts on “Just an Annoying Rant

  1. Everyone needs a good rant. I hope you do something for yourself to help you recharge after that draining experience. Virtual hugs!

  2. Ranting is good for the soul. Especially when you take to a blog and not to an individual person. 🙂 Sorry you had such a rough day. I can’t believe this weather. So warm 80s in March?! Crazy for New England.

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