13 1/2 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Fat Kid!

Cthulhu Cake made by my friend Amy.

Campbell's Chicken and Cheese Soup!

Golden Corral's Chocolate Wonderfall!

Christmas 2011 dinner!

Thanksgiving dinner, so good it came out blurry!

St. Patrick's day pizza at CiCi's.

Fantastic Roll from Koto Japanese Bistro.

While my baby sister Becca does make this fat kid happy, it's the funnel cake that makes me a fat kid!

Godzilla roll....it WILL destroy cities!

No heads were harmed in the making of this Jell-o.

Orange Leaf - self serve frozen yogurt, that has to be Heaven, right?

Spiderman Roll - Take 1

Spiderman Roll - Take 2 (Get it... two pics of the same food = 13 1/2 reasons? heh? heh? Yeah I'm not clever. )

Because deep fried everything is always better!


10 thoughts on “13 1/2 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Fat Kid!

  1. Yum! I love deep fried anything. I had a deep fried oreos at the San Gennaro Festival in NY. SOOOO goood! 🙂 Love the pics.

  2. Oh how I miss godzilla rolls. That Cthulhu cake is awesome! Food is art, that I want to eat – your pictures have made me hungry

    • My friend made the Cthullhu cake for my husband’s bday. Once my husband and his friends got together and she asked what kind of cake they wanted, they said toilet… and so she made a toilet cake! It looked SO gross. But they said it was tasty!

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