I’ve got it bad for Tom Hiddleston/Loki.

I watch this video at least 4 times a day, if not more!

I don’t even know what is going on! I mean, I went through that stage in middle school where I was in love with Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Hanson, and in high school where I’d swoon at rock stars feet…but this is just weird! I mean, I’m married and I’m pushing 30 and I feel like some kinda crazy woman in love with …

Well damn have you seen his smile?

Boom. Try not to faint.

I don’t know why I’m so in love with this man… I mean his smile….his eyes…..his accent…..SWOON.

Phew give me a minute here.


People keep asking me why I keep talking about him around my husband. Here’s the deal. Hubby knows, and why on earth would he care? He’s got celebrity crushes. I know if Fran Drescher walked into the room I’d be immediately forgotten. It’s not like in the unlikely event that I find myself in the same room as Tom Hiddleston that I will immediately shred all clothing and throw myself onto his person with my husband standing there.

No. I’d give Tom a sly little wink wink nudge nudge action, shake the hubby, and then throw myself at him! DUH!

Seriously, I kid. In all honesty my husband is my best friend, and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt his feeling or rob him of his manhood or anything like that. He accepts I’m in love with Tom Hiddleston, and buys me toys to support my obsession!

No, not THAT type of toy, you sick perv!

Also, my hubby doesn’t beat me when I send him texts like this:

Mostly I have the best hubby ever, he knows I’m obsessed with Loki and doesn’t laugh at me when I do things like this to my computer monitor:

So fear not friends, if I end up murdered by my hubby in the middle of the night, it will not be due to my obsession with Tom Hiddleston.

It will probably be because I “accidentally” bumped into where it hurts the most on a man with my elbow one too many times….whoops!

Thor who?


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