Movin’ on up

Ah, erm..hello there!

So sorry for my absence! Let me explain…my husband and I have been moving. I’ve mentioned before that we lived in the ghetto part of town and, well, after there was a brawl in the street and a domestic dispute on top of our recycling within days of each other, we decided it was time to get our asses out of there. So that took a lot of my free time up, looking for a new apartment, and then packing, and then moving….oh dear lord the moving.

The actual move itself was slated to begin last Friday, the 21st, which naturally did not happen. Moving itself isn’t an interesting topic per se, but the insanity that accompanied our move had me shaking my head more than once.

I won’t get into too many details with my rant, but over the entire weekend everyone at AT&T and UPS lost their blasted minds, to the point that I managed to get a migraine after the literal hours I spent talking to them on the phone.

Frustrated with packing, frustrated with moving, frustrated with AT&T, I opened my mail box  last Saturday morning to find my new check book with the updated address on it. And wouldn’t you know, I have a new last name!

I’m Mrs. Wpp!

Sigh…this what I get for trying to live in a better place.

Moving frustrations aside, my husband and I are loving our new place. There’s no carpet anywhere, which had me sold the second I found that out. The cats still don’t know what to think. The first night here they wouldn’t come out from behind the laundry room door. I’m still not used to the sounds of this place, all the squeaks and bumps and thumps that you learn to tune out overtime still freak me out.

Moving has been strange, though. My husband and I had been really unhappy in our old place…it had a bad vibe to it lately, if that makes any sense. Like the apartment itself had a personality. Definitely a different place than the one I moved into 7 years ago. I’ve realized, I lived at that apartment longer than I have anywhere in my entire life, which is insane! I moved in there when I was alone and working as a manager at McDonald’s. I got my two kitties while I lived there, my husband moved in and 3 years later we got married. We lost his mother and grandmother, and two of my grandparents while we lived there. We’ve had birthdays and parties. I lost the ability to go to school any longer, he decided to go back to college. We started jobs, quit jobs. I started this blog there, I remember it well. I had the laptop in bed because I couldn’t sleep. It was kind of cold outside and it was just one of those nights where I felt like I was going crazy inside my own head, so I decided to blog instead! It was probably 5 a.m., I poked my husband, “Give me a title!”. He had no idea what I was talking about of course, because prior to my poking him, he was snoring. Cheesecake Summer, he said. It was nonsensical enough to be perfect.

As much as I hated that apartment, especially this last year or two, it’s still strange to leave it behind. It’s strange to think someone will come after us, and cook on that stove, sleep in my room, shower in my shower….and I suppose I have to be fair, as I’m currently in a room someone else used to claim as their own.

Ah, well…. all in the life of one Laura S. Wpp.


8 thoughts on “Movin’ on up

  1. Howdy stranger! I have noticed you missing around these parts, as well as around the Limebird parts! Glad you’ve moved to a better place, I hope you’ll both be really happy there.

    I really like the story of how your blog got its name. It’s funny actually because I had never before particularly wondered where that name came from, but just this morning when this post popped in, I suddenly found myself wondering where the name had come from, and whaddya know, the answer was contained within!

    • Thank you! We love it here, was just a headache getting to this point and we still have the spare room COMPLETELY FULL of things that haven’t been unboxed yet yeeesh moving is crazy.
      Haha don’t you love when things like that happen, you’re wondering about something then blamo it’s right there 😀

  2. Congrats on the move! It’s weird to think about the old place existing without you. I had a similar experience when I left my apartment. I’d spent 6 years there. Weird to imagine anyone else taking over my space–even if I’d left it vacant.

    • Thank you!! It is weird!. I’m having nightmares about the old place now, I suddenly remembered I left my grandmother’s crystal and Christmas directions there and went back to get them and they were stolen (In what reality would I be keeping my grandmothers crystal ?!?! I don’t even know if she has crystal…she seems like someone who would but I’m really not sure)

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