The Insanity

This isn’t a particularly fun or entertaining topic today…. but I’m desperate and feeling hopeless and there’s literally no one out there that I can call and say “HELP ME!!!?!?!?!” regarding the matter.

So here’s the deal — I was an idiot and I will own up to that and freely admit it – I decided to go to a college that was outside my price range and therefore depended on loans to pay for it.

$85,000 later I’m still not graduated because I’m out of financial aid, and the big kick in the pants about that is I only have 6 classes to take before I get my two degrees (AA in Screenwriting, BFA in Film Editing)

Well when I was young and dumb none of this mattered to me – the great and mighty “Someday” wasn’t affecting me then…but it is affecting me now. So here I am now, I’m 28 years old, I still haven’t finished college and I can’t finish unless I come up with the money on my own – I have no savings to speak of what-so-ever.

This isn’t a plea for pity, it’s a plea for ideas! I have thought about it until I’m sick, I can’t afford school on my own so finishing doesn’t seem to be an option, I don’t have any extra money to make the payments they want me to make on my student loans, my credit is beyond shot, and when I think of the big picture, of paying of that much money over my lifetimes it’s heart breaking. I’ll never have extra money to buy a home with, or anything like that.

So there you have it….does anyone out there in cyber land know of any ways I can either find some crazy way to make or get money to pay off my student loans, or save more of my own money (trust me I’m a crazy penny pincher as it is – I go as far as to make my own laundry detergent and fabric softener as of late, and it works well!!)  I just hear of all these people walking tight ropes around town instead of driving to raise money for themselves, or tap dancing through ice rinks… I dunno…

There’s got to be a way that Laura can fix this pickle she’s in. She’s in such a pickle she’s reverted to the 3rd person. That’s the first sign of insanity…if Laura doesn’t fix this pickle soon the insanity will just get worse!


10 thoughts on “The Insanity

  1. I have no idea!! I am also in a lot of debt because of University. Not as much as you, but I’m on about £24,000 ( $38,449.68) lol. In the UK, if you go to a different country for a certain period of time, your debts get wiped, maybe you could try that…? haha! We’re all doomed!

  2. I do know how you feel – being in debt is horredous, and it becomes the only thing you can think about. About three years ago I had to declare bankruptcy because of unmanageable debts – they were debts mostly run up by my ex husband, but for reasons that I can’t go into now, I ended up being fully responsible for them. Even though it felt awful at the time, and I felt like a failure, and all the rest of it, it was also a relief to be able to start again with a clean slate. Now I can’t get credit at all, and that’s a good thing, it means that I have to just manage on what I earn every month and it means I can’t get into debt again.

    None of that helps you in terms of paying for the rest of your schooling etc, but I’m just letting you know that I understand a bit of what you’re going through! I really hope you can find a solution because I remember how excited you were to be going back to college! If I think of anything, I’ll let you know…

    The only thought I have, and you’ve probably already done this, but have you spoken to the student support people at the college to explain your problem and see if they have any advice? I don’t know how it works over there, but I work at a university here in the UK, and I know that here they have specialist advisers that can help the students figure out solutions to things like this. Remember that it is in the college’s interests for you to finish your course – it looks bad on their stats when students drop out of courses before completion; the more students they have completing their courses, the better it makes them look, so keep that in mind.

    Good luck!

    • Hey Vanessa!

      It is pretty much the only thing I can think about, I wake up in the middle of the night worried about one thing or another, it’s insanity!

  3. What a scary situation. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. I can’t offer advice, just support. Keep looking and something will show up.

  4. Sorry you’re dealing with this, Laura. I don’t have loans, but my sister and one of my best friends have student loans for graduate school and they’re living paycheck to paycheck as a result. It makes you wonder what’s the point of paying through the nose for school if you can’t even get a job that will help you pay off the loans.

    I don’t have any advice other than what I’m sure you’ve already done. Could you declare bankruptcy? I don’t know how that works at all. Or, I always see loan commercials on tv offering to help people pay down their debt. Have you tried contacting anyone like that?

    Good luck Laura.

    • Yeah I’m starting to think the same way, what’s the point of college if you spend the rest of your life struggling to pay for it. THe bad thing is bankruptcy will not work for student loans or I’d seriously be doing that. The bad thing is I have half the loans in my name, the other half were a parent plus loan in mom’s name, they can’t be consolidated because they are made out to two different people, so they are both there and in repayment status and both at over $300 a month which is too much for me if I was just paying the one! oy.

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