A New Start

I changed my theme, I thought the cobwebs would be fitting to how little use this blog has been the past few months.

I started it one fall evening when I lived in an unhappy place and was going through an unhappy time in my life, and felt that just talking to myself and get some “creativity” out may make me feel better. As it turns out I’ve moved from that place, and life has been so much less toxic in the past year – thus my blog fizzled and died.

However, I still have an urge to write… just not about what’s going on in my head anymore, because though I may fail from time to time, I’m trying very hard to stop living in my head.

My source of escape ever since I was a wee lass was stories. Be it something my dad had written, a monster movie on the TV, Narnia books… no matter the type of story they provided a place for my  head to comfortably rest in the clouds.

So I have decided to start blogging again, but to review stories – books, movies, shows, poems, etc etc what have you and what not. Will my past readers care to read anymore? I dunno! If you do I will still love you and proved this imaginary pouty face to let you know how sorry I am for being such a blog deserter this past year. Will this bring me new readers? Not sure about that either. And to be honest, I’m fine with that. If I’m the only one reading my own blog, well I guess that’s OK!

Now…..ALLLLL that being said I DO have one last non-review related blog to publish. Here I am with my own new start breaking my own rules….uh oh well it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to 😀

Without further ado – I leave you now in suspense of the new updated Cheesecake Summer!

– Laura


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