Script Frenzy – Week 1 Down


It’s a little over the first week mark of Script Frenzy, but uh, oh well, better late than never right?

I’m a bit off target for the page count. Overall by the end of April I’m supposed to have 100 pages of a script completed. Right now I’m sitting at 18 pages. I’m no good at math, but that puts me about 12 pages shy of the target goal for the day. Script pages go a lot faster than a normal page though, so I think if I can finish NaNo on time, I’ve got this!

I’m finally writing that story about my grandparent’s house. I’m trying to keep the story simple and straight forward right now, keeping in mind that anything I think know that is wrong with it, I can just take out and fix later.  My first 10 pages or so are about a really awkward cheesy relationship the main character is leaving behind when she moves back to her grandparent’s abandoned  house. I named the guy friend “Ross”, which makes me think of Ross from the show Friends, which really just has me turned off from him from the start.

I couldn’t get the Friends Ross out of my head so the whole thing turned sour. This is a horror story anyway, I think it will do just fine without a cheesy romance in the beginning.

But you better believe those 10 pages are staying right where they are, for now! I need them for my page count!


Screnzy Begins


Day 1 of Script Frenzy.

Let’s go down a check list of things I have done since I opened Celtx to try to write something:

Got up to get a pop.

Cleaned the litter box.

Put on music to try to inspire.

Turned the music up louder so I could pop around and sing to it.

Got a snack.

Turned the music down a little and went to read for a minute.

Played a video game. (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Fed the cats.

Tried to get my husband to help me think.

Read blogs.

Read the Script Frenzy forums

Went to sleep.

Read more blogs.

Read a book.

Took a nap.


I’m off to a great start! I’ll probably think of something in about a week to actually write about.