The Art of Writing Short Stories


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Every year my husband and I go to a gaming convention called Gen Con. He goes to game, I mostly go just to get out-of-town and see what fun I can get into while I’m there. It’s known as “the best four days in gaming”, and any kind of geekery you can imagine can be found.

It took me a few years to realize how big the writing community was at Gen Con, however. In the back of this massively ginormous convention hall is an area for artists and authors. As luck would have it, little ole me found writing seminars being held by various authors at the Con. Huzzah! I even got up at 9 a.m. to go to one! To put that into context, I get off work at 3 in the morning, 9 a.m. and I aren’t usually good friends.

One seminar I went to dealt with writing short stories. The panel consisted…

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Insane Me


I talk about insane people calling me at work…like I’m not one! I’m starting to feel insane lately though. My husband and I have been on the go for over a week now, and last night when I didn’t have something to stress about I started stressing that I wasn’t stressed so then I made up something to stress about! At any rate, this is just an update to say I haven’t forgotten the blog, life has just smacked me in the face and gone all crazy on me! I will resume normalcy in a few days…hopefully.


Oooohh some great shots of the Tune-Yards show in Cincy!!


I’ve passed the word around that I’m not always a fan of live music for a couple of reasons. If it’s too loud the sound is distorted, as are conversations with friends, and depending on the genre it often results in falling asleep. Both of those hurdles were cleared Sunday night in an energetic show at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), mics directed at the audience, cued jumping, and the crowd that really couldn’t have responded better, huge smiles everywhere, (and a Harry Caray impersonator(?)). On top of that, and perhaps the real reason many gathered was to witness the musicianship and engineering happening on and off stage. Props to the sound/stage crew and many many thanks to everyone involved in putting this together, (and getting me into the show!) I bought a t-shirt!

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Being a Bummer


Glee pretty much bummed me out tonight. It wasn’t even a really sad episode, I don’t think. I don’t really know what it was, but something just… bummed me out!

The characters are all saying goodbye to each other, and I hate that a lot of them are graduating and moving on. The powers that be at the show, of course, aren’t releasing many details about what the show will be like post-graduation, but I’m just assuming they will all go, never to be seen again.

I know, I know, quit whining. They are a bunch of high school kids ready to go on with their lives, and I’m just a —- what am I?

That’s what really started bumming me out. What am I? I don’t know. This past weekend, my fellow class of 2002-ers celebrated our 10 year high school reunion. They are all professionals now, married (well, I know I’m married but still), kids, own homes, have careers. I just feel like I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m in no-man’s land. Somehow I’m not young enough to be just out of high school anymore, and I’m too old to even be a normal college student. I’m just here… stuck.

I don’t have anything to look forward to. It’s all gone. The characters in Glee have their whole lives in front of them now. They’ve got schools to apply to, and dreams to make true. I’m just here, I think, waiting for something that will never happen. I have a go nowhere job. It’s not a career, it just pays the bills. It’s not what I dreamed about when I was a kid. There was supposed to be more than this. But I can’t finish school. I’m out of financial aid and I can’t come up with the $14,000 I need to finish out of my own pocket. I don’t have a rich uncle or daddy’s credit card to blow through. All I have is myself, and my husband.

I know, life is what you  make it. I fully beleive that. But sometimes it’s just not so simple as saying go do what you want, whatever makes you happy. That would involve somehow probably moving to California, and even if I did… I still don’t have a degree. And the degree I was going for in the first place is probably pointless. Why can’t I go back 10 years and start over, just study something normal in a state school that doesn’t cost so much.

OK I’m just whining now. I know it. And I’m sorry. I  know this isn’t my normal quirky upbeat happy go lucky come what may attitude. I’m not even going to tag this with anything…. I just needed to get out my feelings.

I just wish I had that hope and fear that the characters of Glee are feeling right now (well you know… the made up characters with their made up feelings). They bummed me out because I realized I’m not like them anymore.


Woot, I’m a fluffly green bird now! If you haven’t seen the Limebird Writer’s site you need to go there RIGHT NOW, I don’t care what you are doing. Well, you shouldn’t be doing much but sitting there, I’d like to think you aren’t reading blogs while driving, or doing heart surgery. Unless you are using what my best friend likes to call “space phones”, and if that is the case….well kindly pull over to the shoulder of the road and THEN go read the Limebirds! The Limebirds are not responsible for any car accidents or heart surgery flubs.

Limebird Writers

Well hello there! A little bird told me you want to write a script. Wait, what’s that? You don’t, you say? Well what the heck are you doing here, be gone with you!

No wait! I was just kidding, come back come back! No, don’t give me that look, you’re killing me here. How about I give you some candy, will you stay then?

Phew glad we settled that. Alright so maybe you don’t think you want to write a script just this moment, but hear me out OK? It really is a lot of fun, but a lot different from writing your standard short story or novel.

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I have to reblog my husband, because he is cracking me up over here!

The Wootape Letters

I’m getting old. I accept that. I’ve also come to realize that things from my time are just simply better than things from now. Well, mostly. It’s a given that some things, like computers, phones, video games, have progressed and improved over the years. Some things however, like humans, cereal, pizza, well, these things have taken quite a dip in quality.

Strawberry Krispies

Back in the early 1980’s, or as I like to call it, “The golden age of Krispies”, Rice Krispies came in three flavors; normal, chocolate, and strawberry. I’m not talking about that “rice Krispies with strawberries” bullshit either, I mean actual honest to goodness pink Krispies that turned your milk pink.

No one seems to remember this but me.  I say this with all seriousness, I have met one other person that remembers this, and I made him the best man at my wedding. My priorities kick…

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Starstruck by Family?


Is it possible to be a star struck goober to a family member?

Recently my cousin Merrill, a.k.a the woman behind Tune-Yards, performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show. OH. MY. GOSH! I’m over here swooning like a pubescent giggly teen in love with Justin Bieber….OK maybe I’m not quite that bad, but I am quite amazed by her.

Not expecting to get a reply, I sent her a text an hour or so before Jimmy Kimmel Live aired. Being completely awesome she did reply to me, sending me in another tail-spin of swoons. OK, I acknowledge I’m being goofy, but I’m just so impressed by her and the fact that she’s being invited onto late night shows, and selling out concerts all over! Not to mention Time Magazine and Rolling Stone both recognized her as having one of the top albums of the year!

The thing about her is that while she is a genius and an amazing musician, she’s also completely humble. I’m just her crazy little Kentucky cousin who has seen roughly zilch of the world and she still replies to my texts and emails. She takes the time to talk to me and the rest of our crazy family when we go to her concerts.

She is on the cusp of greatness, and there isn’t anyone in the world who deserves it more than her.

Here she is on the Jimmy Kimmel show!