What the World Wants to Know – July


You guessed it! Time to see what weird google searches brought visitors to my blog in the last 30 days.  Without further ado (I copied and pasted these as is):

  • my granny pantyhose blog – Um?? I don’t even want to know.
  • shut up brain it’s sleep time – You’ve got a point there! It is sleep time dammit!
  • husband says our neighborhood looks like the ghetto – Maybe you should move then. Oh, wait…it’s my neighborhood that is the ghetto. Maybe I should move then. Nah that’s too much effort.
  • grammas in pantyhose –  Really? Why? This is disturbing, and I know I shoot myself in the foot by even putting this in a post…but when have I ever written about “grammas” and “pantyhose” together? There was this one time…oh wait, no, that never happened…
  • i’m married and i’m obsessed with tom hiddleston – Me too girlfriend, me too.

  • “my husband’s belly button” – my husband has a pretty amusing belly button, now that I think about it. I like to button attack him when he least suspects it. Mwahahaha. Oh crap, he reads this.
  • harry potter fat kid – Bitch I know you’re talkin’ bout Neville and you can just back on up off that “fat” comment, he is svelte and amazing and we don’t go ’round talkin’ bout Neville like that!…..Ahem whoah sorry about that, I seemed to have gone a little crazy.
  • “90s bangs” – Please, no. Don’t do it. Nothing good will come of it. Put the scissors down and slowly back away.
  • limebirds – Yeah, Limebirds! Now that was worthy a google search!
  • tom hiddleston loves cheese cakes – Well who the heck doesn’t?

There you have it folks, the things that keep the world up at night. They’re definitely keeping me up at night now…



What the World Wants to Know


Sometimes I find strange search engine terms that have led people to my blog. My husband found it amusing that he wrote one blog post about Katherine Heigel in her bra, and now gets traffic daily from people searching that out.  So now he includes a picture of her in a bra with every post. Seriously, world? This is what motivates people … Katherine Heigel in a bra.

Anyway, here are some of the more interesting things that people have done a google search on leading them to my blog (I’m copying and pasting these just as they are, I’m not correcting spelling or grammar):

limebirds band: Well, I am a part of the Limebird Writers, but I didn’t know we had a band! Can I join in on tambourine?

paintings of man sex: Oh yeah, paintings of man sex, I know how that led someone to my blog….wait, what? Paintings of man sex? No I don’t think I’ve ever written about or included paintings of man sex. Do you think now that I’ve said “Paintings of man sex”  5 times it will lead more people here? I hope they aren’t disappointed when they find 0 paintings of man sex. (Disturbingly enough, this brought 2 people to my blog…)

pitchers of supernatural: Well I wasn’t aware that one could drink the Winchester brothers (must….get….mind….out … of … gutter… nope too late!)… but I have posted pictures of Supernatural. Here’s one now!

cheap ways to cover walls: Been throwing one too many head through a wall and need to cover up the crime? Sorry to say I cannot help in that department.

sidegoggled: Now this I’m actually pleased to see. It confirms that I in fact did not make up the word side goggled. Take that husband! Neener needer boo boo!

how would i look like gails mother from hunger games: I don’t know how you would look like Gale’s mother, maybe because that is the way you were born? This question is giving me brain damage.

fat kid from harry potter: Well that’s just hurtful! How would you like it if I called you “skinny kid from the internet”? Yeah… doesn’t really have a sting to it, does it? Moving on.

cheesecake congress: Do we vote for cheesecakes to be in congress? Or is there a congress composed of only cheesecakes? I’m intrigued by this idea of cheesecake congress. More importantly, I really want some cheesecake now.

cheesecake deprivation: That is a sad SAD thought, to be sitting alone deprived of cheesecake. That should be illegal.

what is the first book in the uglies series: Uglies

“pantyhose” husband: Again, why did this search term lead someone to my blog? My husband doesn’t wear pantyhose, that I know of. (Well…there was this one Halloween…) If he did happen to wear pantyhose, I certainly wouldn’t blog about it for the world to see.

what is neville’s real name in real life?: IMDb.com is a great website.

last name woo: It’s a pretty fun last name to have, if I do say so myself. It really confuses people when they see me since I’m a super fair-skinned, light-haired and  blue-eyed woman, and they learn my last name. No, no one has asked me if I was Chinese on the phone (a receptionist asked me if I ever got that question). Oddly enough, my husband who is part Chinese doesn’t look a bit Chinese at all, but no one seems to question why his last name is Woo…

dax shepard sam rockwell: Oh, I hope my husband doesn’t see this.

“two lindsay lohans”: Dear God, no! Oh wait you probably mean The Parent Trap, don’t you?

are you a man or a muppet: I’m a muppet of a man.

that awkward moment when dean winchester: bursts into my room naked. Oh wait, no my head was still in the gutter from earlier, sorry about that.

These are the things that keep people up at night. Now, these are the things that keep me up at night.

7 x 7 Sunshine


What a great start to my day! I checked my email to see that not only did I receive one award today, but two!

Thank you to buddhafulkat for the 7 x 7 award and thank you to Limebirdbeth, lovely founder of the Limebirdwriters, for the Sunshine Award! You have both put a smile on my face today.

7 x 7 Award

The rules are:

1) Share some general things about myself:

I’m pretty boring. I’ll be 28 in a couple of months and it freaks me out that I’m getting closer to 30, even though I know that is pretty silly. I’ve been with my husband since I was 19, but we just got married a couple of years ago. I’m obsessed with the Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, and Ellen! I used to hate McDonald’s food until I worked there, then I started to love it. Don’t ask me why. When I was 16 I got kicked out of a school program (Upward Bound) for participating in cannibalism and tarot. There was another girl kicked out with me, and we’ve been best friends ever since. It was like fate! Neither of us have eaten a human, and the people who ran that program were literally crazy, but it makes for a good story. That same friend introduced me to my husband… so really I owe my life to cannibalism.

2) List 7 posts on my blog that I think should be read:

Well this makes me feel kinda weird, like I’m pimping myself, but uh, here goes –

Dirty Laundry
And His Name is Zort
That One Time I Almost Went to Prison for Murder
Such a Weird Kid
Sticker Bush
Blog About Soup
My Old Kentucky Home

3) Nominate 7 more bloggers for the award and let them know about it:

For the Sunshine award, Limebirdbeth nominated the 10 bloggers that had been with the Limebird Writers the longest. So, I think I’m going to do the same here, for the 7 X 7 award!  Limebirdbeth was actually my first follower, but since she’s already got this award I’ll have to skip over her. But seriously, the Limebirds are awesome and you should all be following them! Then buddhafulkat was my second follower, but she’s the one that passed this award onto me in the first place…. 😀

Write or Revise Daily
Gin and Lemonade
Verified Kayo
ScribblingHermit (shoot she already has this one, but check her out anyway!)
Kourtney Heintz’s Journal 

Sunshine Award

The guidelines for receiving this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award –  Thanks again Limebirdbeth!

2) Write a post about it

3) Answer the questions below  

4) Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know

Answer 10 questions:

Favorite colour: Orange
Favorite animal:  kitties
Favorite number:  34 (I was born on 3/4/1984 at 3:34. Maybe when I’m 34 I’ll have the best year ever!)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Vanilla Coke Zero
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
My passion:  Film. Studying film, writing film, editing film, enjoying films, film history…you get the idea.
Getting or giving presents? Giving
Favorite pattern:  polka dots
Favorite day of the week: Friday or Saturday. I can’t choose, but those are my days off of work and both equally awesome.
Favorite flower: Mums. They bloom in the fall and they are such pretty fall colors. It’s the flowers we used at our wedding.

10 Bloggers  – I’m going to pass this onto blogs that make me happy, but I suck at following blogs, and would also pass this back to folks that have already received it, or to those who are giving me the award in the first place. Plus by putting these all together on  one post I’ve put it on myself to choose 17 blogs and holy cow I dunno if I even follow that many…. So anyway here are 8 blogs that make me happy. 8 is practically 10, right? :

Conversing with Novels
Kitty bloger
Spectacular Disaster
Robin Hawke
The Wootape Letters – Yeah I’m still going to shamelessly plug my husband!  He’s funny, he’s a grouchy nerd, and he amuses me. I’m sure if you checked him out, he’d amuse you too!

Feel free to pass these along, or not, whatever you want 🙂 And thanks again to Limebirdbeth and buddhafulkat for giving these to me, it really means a lot!

One Lovely Blog


I woke up today and immediately grabbed my iPhone to check my email. It has become a sickness, and I even find myself checking email/Facebook in the middle of the night (you know, those times you wake up to tinkle, but aren’t waking up for your day to start) Yeah, someone needs to get this phone away from me. OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS! DON’T TOUCH MY PHONE!

Whoa Ok ok, I’m ok. Phew.

Ahem, anyway, I woke up today and checked my email to find the sweetness that is Amber, aka Conversing With Novels has given lil’ ol’ me the One Lovely Blog Award. Huzzah! As Limebirdbeth and Limebirdsophie would say 😉

From what I have gathered there aren’t any “rules” so to say for this award, but Amber shared 7 things that make her happy, so I think I will do the same!

1. Date nights with my husband. We almost always do the same thing – dinner and a movie. But I enjoy it, even if it’s not wild and exciting. I just love having dinner with him, then we walk to a coffee shop/book store near the theater where he turns his head while I buy too many books, and I turn my head while he buys too many video games. It’s a good head turning system we have!

2. My sisters. My sister Kelly and I grew up together and she always picked on me even though I’m 6 1/2 years older. My sister Becca was born after I moved out of mom’s house, when I was almost 20, but we are like two peas in a pod!

3. Muse and The Red Hot Chili Peppers!

4. My best friend Monica. She’s mostly my sister too.

5. My memaw’s spaghetti. YUM

6. Chocolate!

7. Writing scripts with my husband. He’s so smart, I wish I was as clever as he is!

Now I get to pass the award onto others. Again, no rules on how many folks this award needs to go to.  So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I present the award to….

Drum roll please….

thdhdtddhchddududud (that’s a drum roll…duh)

The Wootape Letters. My husband David! YES. He finally started a blog (Huzzah! See Limebirdbeth I’m helping!) The world can finally read his grumbly rants. He’s got a foul mouth, and isn’t one for updating daily. So if you like random spurts of hilarity you will follow him this instant! (I know he has a draft in there ready to publish, I saw him typing it mwuahahaha)

Life in the Blueridges. Amelia is awesome, plus she’s obsessed with the Gilmore Girls like I am so that is an instant plus in my book (Shoot I should have added the Gilmore Girls to my list of things that makes me happy!)

Buddhafulkat. Awesome stories and awesome art! All around awesome!

Scribbling Hermit. She scribbles. She’s a hermit. She’s a scribbling hermit with awesome poems!

And there you have it. Now go away and stop eyeing my phone, you can’t take it from me! You just can’t!