Christmas Bows


I really enjoy making things. The result isn’t always that wonderful, and I almost always give up on the instructions halfway through whatever it is I’m making. You know, it’s just more exciting to wing it. Anyway, since the great Black Friday Insanity of 2011 I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping for the year. Which had my house full of unwrapped gifts, piled there mocking me.

“Just show him what you got, it’s no big deal.”, they’d whisper into my ear at night.

“Why make him wait a whole month to enjoy my awesomeness.” the gifts would taunt me.

Well, since I didn’t want my husband to have me committed to a mental hospital for talking to gifts all day, I decided the best course of action would be to actually wrap the darn things.

So, I set off to Wal-Mart. Bad idea this time of year by the way. I almost took out a family of three who would not move from the middle of the aisle as they complained about “not wanting to wrap the bowl.” One shreiked at her mother, “Let me buy the cookies… I’m not wrapping the damn bowl… I’m getting pissed off here.”

Shut up about the bowl…there is a nice big gift bag there just begging you to buy it. It whispered into my ear, “Please no! Don’t let these people take me home with them!”  But I was ready to sacrifice the bag in order to save my own sanity.

….I don’t think it worked.

Ahem, what was I saying? Oh yeah, wrapping gifts so they’d stop talking to me. There really is a point to this, I promise.

So, I picked out some wrapping paper that looked nice and festive. Then I moved onto the ribbon. I remember as a kid my grandmother (Memaw as she will be referred to as from here on) would make the most amazing bows for Christmas. I used to live with my grandparents (both maternal and paternal but that’s another story for another day) so I would spend a lot of Christmas’s in their homes. Memaw is always a fan of things that are home-made. Always home-made cookies over store bought cookie dough, for instance. Anyway, as a kid I used to watch her make so many pretty bows for Christmas gifts. She’d put so much time and care into each and every one.

So as I stood there in the middle of a clogged up Wal-Mart aisle unable to move around people whining about wrapping bowls, and buying cookies, I thought to myself, “Self, let’s make our own bows this year.” And to that I said, aye.

Not particularly knowing how to go about this bow making business, I went to trusty ole Google to do a search. I came across something completely awesome! How to make a bow out of a magazine! Jackpot! I just had to try it.

It took me a couple of tries, but I finally got it! Using a page from a Frederick’s lingerie catalogue, I made a bow for a friend who….likes Frederick’s lingerie catalogues for lack of a better word. Ahem, you know what I mean.

Anyway, here is the result:

Here are all the parts of the bow, before I put them together.

Here is the completed bow.

I think I will be making a lot more of these things before Christmas rolls around. Maybe it was a good thing that I finished my shopping a month in advance, it gives me just enough time to procrastinate all month and then whip up a bunch of bows at the last minute.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some ice cream in the freezer asking me to eat it.