Thank You For Making Me Feel Old!


There’s just something about the American Reunion movie coming out that depresses me. I haven’t even decided if I’ll go watch it or not.

I was born in the mid-80’s, but am mostly a product of the 90’s. What a weird time the 90’s were too… but when I was a sophomore in high school this movie American Pie came out, and boy was it funny! (To me and my peers at least) Sure, it was stupid as hell. Nothing but sex jokes, but hey what do teenagers find more hilarious than sex jokes? It wasn’t going to go on to win any major awards or anything, but it gave us something to laugh at.

This month is my 10 year high school reunion, and American Pie comes back to us in the form of American Reunion. What happened to us all these last 10 years? Out of my little circle of friends we have 2 marriages going strong, 1 divorced, and two of them with kids. We have student loan debt, still haven’t found our dream jobs, homes or cars. Some of (actually, ALL of us) are still in pursuit of that blasted degree. We have lost parents and grandparents and in-laws. We have grown apart from each other, but we intend to rectify that in a few weeks.

We will not be going to our high school reunion.

It’s funny what life was like when I was a teenager, and thinking back to it. The late 90’s and the early 2000’s.

Here I am today – and I don’t feel like the same person. I look back to my teen years and it feels like I’m watching someone else’s life, not mine. Why is that? Does that happen to everyone else? I feel like I’ve put up a barrier between my current life and my past life, and I don’t know why. I wasn’t a bad kid, and life was like it was for everyone in my town – momma’s poor and daddy ain’t around. But she fed us, and I got good grades and I never got in trouble and I had great friends, and I was happy. Why does it feel like that was someone else’s life now?

That’s weird.

Ok, so too much contemplation for one day. Thank you American Reunion for making me feel old!


Happy New Year


Around this time of year a lot of people are talking about the new year, naturally. I’ve never been one for resolutions myself, because I am the absolute worst at following through on things I set out to do. In fact, I told my husband I’d bake a cake for Christmas. I did pull out the recipe a few days ago, but I haven’t even looked at the ingredients. Lucky for me he’s got that unconditional love thing for me…

Ringing in the new year was a blast. We always go to a friend’s house back in my hometown, about an hour away. They live out in the country where you can still see the stars at night – it’s lovely. These guys have been friends since they were 13 or 14 or so, and today range in age from around 30 to 36. There are always new additions to the gang at the New Year party – girlfriends or boyfriends, co-wrokers, classmates. These new faces give the guys an excuse to pull out the old funny stories of their youth, which is always funny for new people to experience, and always entertaining for folks who have now heard these stories a million times.

I have now been with my husband for 8 years. That is 8 years of going to this annual party, and hearing these insane tales of their youth. There is something that always strikes me about these men though. No matter where their lives have taken them – professional jobs, the army, children, marriages, divorces, death, discovery , even “break-ups” and coming back together in their friendships – these men will always love each other. They grew up together, and are now growing older together. Even though the parties are full of drunken debauchery, it’s an excuse for all these old friends to come together again at the same time for one night and share in that insane thread that will always link them together.

For me it’s fun to think of my husband as an awkward 15 year old.

My husband should not play with fire...especially with a bottle of alcohol in his other hand!

So here’s to 2012. For me it will probably be as boring as 2011. I know I said I don’t make resolutions, so I will say I have a goal for my year – to actually finish that novel I started in 2010. Also, this isn’t really a resolution, but I have set a goal to read and review 10 books this month. That’s a book every three days. So far I’ve read 268 pages out of 417 from the first book of the 10. I’m reading Extras by Scott Westerfeld –  the last book in the Uglies series.

Also, there is that whole end of the world thing happening later in the year. I don’t do well with guns, so I think I will stock up on shovels and baseball bats.