Matthew’s Day Off


Honda has released a new commercial featuring Matthew Broderick spoofing his most famous role as Ferris Bueller, and it has people all in a tizzy.

Is “tizzy” a real word? WordPress isn’t underlining it for me letting me know it’s wrong. It is underlining “WordPress” though… anyway I’m getting sidetracked here.

A few days ago there was a teaser spreading like wildfire around the internet, simply featuring Broderick opening the curtains and saying “How could I handle work on a day like today?” which led to speculation of a possible sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  in the works. I’ll admit, that would be pretty freaking exciting.

But as it turns out the whole thing was just a teaser to the commercial I have posted above. Ignoring the fact that the whole thing is just a Honda ad, I think it’s pretty awesome. I love it, the whole thing is an homage to one of my favorite movies of all time. People on YouTube just seem angry about it though, and I can understand that to an extent because I’d be first in line to see a Ferris Bueller 2.

But then I started thinking – John Hughes, the mastermind behind Ferris is unfortunately no longer with us. Is there anyone out there worthy enough to try to recreate the awesome that was that original movie? Even if Hughes was still with us to make a sequel, would it even be good? Or would it be sad – watching a middle-aged man reprise a role that hasn’t been revisited since 1986?

I love Matthew Broderick, and I love Ferris Bueller, and if someone someday does make a sequel I’d be there with open arms to embrace it (and I’d probably be too blinded by bias to tell anyone it’s bad if that is what it happens to be). For now though, I get a grin out of watching this commercial and will just be happy with that.

What do you think, angry there’s not a real sequel, or just glad to see a funny homage Ferris Bueller?