Insane People: Part 3


Working with the public has made me feel like this:


Sometimes people say things that just leave me speechless.

Customer: Don’t you have an earlier appointment, like one tomorrow?

Me: I can certainly put in a request to see if he can call you tomorrow, but I can’t promise it.

Customer: He better not come tomorrow! He will come when I damn well say he comes.


So… why did you ask?

Then I had another conversation that had me shaking my head.

Customer: I was told to call and have a $300 credit placed on my account.

Me: Why?

Customer: So the installation man can be paid.

Me: That’s not a procedure we have in place. He is paid by completing the job.

Customer: It is too.

Me: No, the installer is paid by doing the work not by having a credit on your account. A credit deducts money off of the balance due on your monthly statement.

Customer: No, that is how it works. You put a credit on the account and then the installer is paid.

Oh, my bad, I didn’t realize you worked here… Why do people insist they know how companies work? I’ve had people telling me they know I can do things because they work at a bank, or because they also work at a customer service center. I’m glad for you and your jobs but not all companies are cut from the same cloth. Not all companies have the same systems that perform the same function that have the same end result. Not all companies have the same set of rules. Sure some may share similarities but you cussing at me for 12 minutes isn’t going to magically make a procedure I previously told you was impossible suddenly possible. If only I was made of magic.

Ah well, I guess at the end of the day I’m grateful for the insanity, because it allows me to have a job.

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Insane People: Part 2


There’s something about working customer service that really opens ones eyes to the insanity that abounds in this world.  People get so worked up about things that don’t matter! There was one guy the other day saying we “ruined his life.” – I’m still not sure how, but I just can’t imagine calling Time Warner up and telling them they’ve ruined my life. I mean sure, Time Warner has some of the crappiest customer support I’ve ever had to deal with, but at the end of the day I know I could go out and get my internet somewhere else if I felt they were ruining my life!

Anyway, I digress.

One of the things that kills me about people is that they don’t seem to grasp the concept of commerce. I never realized before I started working where I do that so many things in life are supposed to be free, like cell services, cable, internet, etc…

Me: Hello, (insert customer name here) how can I help you today?

Customer: I got an email that my card was charged, I didn’t authorize that.

Me: Our billing is all automatic, we automatically debit your payment each month.

Customer: I did not authorize that, you put the money back on my card now!

Me: It appears you haven’t paid the bill, though.

Customer: But the email says I did!

Me: We actually don’t have a payment method here to bill you from. You need to add one to the account so we can take the monthly payment.


Me: OK…the payment hasn’t been made.

Customer: Ok, because I didn’t authorize a payment.

Me: Ok…

Customer: You’re not taking a payment unless I authorize it. And I don’t.

Me: Ok… no payment has been made.

Customer: I haven’t authorized a payment! I’m going to get a lawyer!

Me: We haven’t taken a payment. We have no payment method on file to take a payment from. You have not made a payment, we have not taken a payment. But your account is now past due and a payment must be made to avoid suspension.

Customer: Well  you’re not getting a payment. You’ll get one when I say you do.

Me: Ok…

Customer: And I don’t authorize a payment.

Me: Ok…

Customer: I’ll mail a check when I feel like it.

Me: We don’t accept checks by mail.

Customer: You’ll get paid how I say you’ll get paid.

Me: Ok. That’s fine and all but we don’t accept payments by mail so you’ll still owe the balance.

Customer: I haven’t authorized a payment!!

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