Satanic Forces Are At Work Here


Maybe I’ve been watching too much Supernatural lately…

I take that back, I know I’ve been watching too much Supernatural…but I just can’t stay away!

Woo and I were out on our porch yesterday afternoon and I looked up to see this demon staring straight into my soul from the apartment across the street. I mean, it was literally eating away at my soul trying to devour all that was good so it could lead me into the dark-side!

So I did what any rational 28 year old woman would do…I hid behind my husband yelling, “Is it gone yet?”

Of course it wasn’t gone.

Well, since it wasn’t leaving I knew I had to get a picture of it, to see if its eyes were glowing of course! From across the street my phone camera was doing a pretty poor job of capturing the demon, though.

That left me with only one other option – record it with the video camera.

Please excuse my squealing… I was dealing with a demon here though, I think I’m allowed to squeal, right?

It didn’t move while I was recording it, but several times yesterday I saw the demon’s head move, scanning the street for more souls to devour.

Doing something completely out of my element today, I worked up the courage to march across the street and get a closer look at this demon who had moved into my neighborhood to feast on the souls of the innocent.

Turns out it’s nothing but a freaking Garfield window cling.

Innocent? I think not!

I have this demon’s number. It’s just disguised as an innocent cute Garfield plush to lure the children into its lair!

It won’t get me!