Stop and Look Up


I noticed my last two posts were a bit on the grumpy side. I blame the heat! It has been in the mid-80’s all week and I am MELTING (I can’t make the word “melting” any stronger!) I work at home at a call center, and that means that my area has to be quiet. Since I live with two insane cats who do nothing but make my life hard, and a crazy man who yells at video games all day, I have to leave the door shut. This closes me off from… roughly all cool air. Add three computer’s to the mix and you’ve got one super toasty me. No joke, I had a chocolate chip cookie in here from yesterday that I didn’t eat, I went to pick it up today and the chips had melted!

The AC is on, it’s just trying to destroy me. I really really REALLY dread summer!

ANYWAY, I got off on another rant that I didn’t mean to. I noticed that I had been grumpy for a few days and when I get grumpy I like to look to the sky. It makes me feel like no matter what is going on in my head or in my life that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know if that is a good feeling or a bad feeling, now that I think about it.

I saw the evening sky the other day and it really struck me.

This was just before the sun set. I love how near the horizon the sky is light and clouds are dark, but then the sky transitions to a deeper blue and lighter clouds.

I love when I can look up at the sky and see something beautiful like this. Thinking of the world, the solar system, the universe… it all makes my silly problems seem not so bad. Maybe instead of stopping to smell the roses, we should all stop and just look up.

Why is the Air on?


I’m sitting here watching TV after I woke up burning up. I threw the comforter off of me to try to cool off. Then I realize, the air conditioning fan has kicked on because I’m starting to feel a cool breeze – that I must admit feels wonderful.

Christmas is in one week and it’s bloody 61 degrees outside!

The weather is strange in Kentucky. They say if you don’t like the weather, stick around for a minute. Sometime around Thanksgiving it went from 70 and hot one day, to the 30’s and frosting the next. These past few days have been pretty warm though, and I’m starting to hate it. Mom actually found plants sprouting in her yard!

Today is the first day of winter, and it feels more like early fall out there. I just want some snow! Last year winter was wonderful, full of snow and that wonderful cool crisp winter air that smells almost magical. If this keeps up we are going to have to pull the sandals back out, start slathering ourselves with sun block and hit the pools!

All hope is lost for a white Christmas – so here’s hoping that January doesn’t let us down.

Days like today make me really wish that Stars Hollow was a real place, so I could go there and smell the snow with Lorelai.